Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I realized somewhere between setting the windlighting for this shot and playing around in photoshop that I was humming “Wrapped Around Your Finger” by the Police. I was then struck with a fit of laughter what that I clearly just yanked it out of the back of my head after shopping.

Proof there really are no more original ideas.

Or I’m just a no-talent hack. Whichever works, really.

So every few months I wander over to Barerose. I’ve been a loooong time customer, still owning several of their outfits from many years ago. If you’re going to go, I suggest you give yourself quite a bit of time to visit. Being in business for this many years, they have quite the large selection of small rectangle vendors up seemingly impossible high walls. Hundreds and hundreds of designs. Everything from cultural outfits (heavily Asian themed), anime, roleplay, cyberpunk and even goth. They have an amazingly huge selection across the board. The price is always right at Barerose. VERY inexpensive, the majority of their product is below 200L for an outfit. The candles, too, btw can be found at the landing point for a terrifying $40L.

Now that Barerose has branched into MESH, I poked around that wall and found this great open shirt. Of course, dozens of designers have put out open sculpted, mesh or prim shirts over the years- and I’ve bought lots of them- but this is the first one I’ve really loved. Its oversized just a little but not crazy huge, the cuffs hang over my hands which is a huge perk, and the collar is nicely shaped around the neck. The shirt (for $180L I might add) comes with 5 different colored loose ties (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White- black shown here) as well as a pair of slacks and slippers.

Sometimes its just the simple things.

Today’s a simple day.





Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Orion

Glasses: primOptic – monza

Shirt & Tie: B@R – Open shirt – Boy (MESH)

Pants: KOSH – Pinstripe Pants

Boots: L&B – Biker Classic

Rings: Rozoregalia

Fingertape: Linc

2 thoughts on “Wrapped Around My Bare Finger

  1. Orlando says:

    Now I have to shop

  2. Vixn Dagger says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been over that way. I’ll have to take a looksie

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