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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Normally, I’m not the vain type of fellow that would name a picture and blogpost after myself.

Ok, I have to call bullshit on myself for that one. If I wasn’t vain, I wouldn’t be doing pictures of myself most of the time. I mean, sure, its easier to tell my avatar where to put my head or face my eyes but still..

In this instance, however, I sort of have to because my dear Ms. Pennyfeather has created her latest, most incredible Mesh jacket and shirt and named it after moi. We go way back, Ms. Pennyfeather and I. Years. She’s my muse, and I hers now and then. I won’t wax on- but if you’re interested, I blogged it awhile ago.

House of Ryfre’s latest release, “Nigel”, is comprised of Raven’s trademark delicious leather pants, detailed belt work, and the most absolutely stunning jacket. Raven has always been a texture diva. The woman makes brocades that would make a King blush. She’s taken her texturing from the flat clothing layer, to the sculpted prim, and now into the arena of Mesh and she’s done it flawlessly.  The edging on the jacket is perfect- no stretched buttons or misaligned stitching. The sleeves and cuffs are trimmed perfectly.

You know me, I love to bitch and I just can’t find anything here to bitch about.

Am I biased? Most assuredly. But look at the jacket and tell me I’m wrong.

Go ahead. Try it.

The jacket comes in S-M-L-XL in three styles: open (no shirt), Shirt I (shown here) and shirt II.  Its available in Crimson, Midnight and Black.



Style Card:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Orion – Night Shadow

Skin: Nivaro – Cunov – Light

Eyes: !Fashism – Sunrise Purple

Tattoos: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story

Necklace: Gabriel – Achilleus Long

Belt: L&B – S’Wear Men’s Biker Belt (Special Edition)*

Pants: Rfyre – Leathers *

Jacket and Shirt: Rfyre Fall Venetian Series: Nigel – Crimson*

One thought on “Rfyre Does Nigel – Ooh La La

  1. Vixn Dagger says:

    My only bitch is that your pants are ON *laughs* She did an awesome job on this set!

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