Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

As I mentioned briefly in my Flickr post yesterday, I got a new Mesh Trenchcoat. It never made it to blogville because, well, if you go look at the shot, you’ll notice you can’t really see the damned jacket at all. Sometimes, I get into Photoshop and everything just goes haywire and what started as a fashion shot ends up something entirely different.

But then, most of the things I do start one way and end somewhere south of where I’d anticipated. That’s okay, though. Some of the most creative things come when you let go enough to let them fly on their own.

Now back to the Mesh Trenchcoat before I get distracted again and forget what I was doing.


The coat comes from Yasum. This is the type of store I would generally prefer to shop on the marketplace if you didn’t have to try on a demo. Lovely clothes, beautiful shop, but what few designs for men the creator has are strewn across the store here and there. So you have to walk or cam-shop the whole store to find what you want.

But back to the Trenchcoat. Sheesh.

There are three versions- a chocolate color, a black kind of pinstripe and this solid black one. Its cut very well, and the back-pleat is quite nice- it doesn’t look stretched out even with poses where your feet are very spread. The pleat stretches naturally and looks realistic. The creator did a great job on providing multiple sizes as well as multiple alpha layers. She provides two purchase packages: one just the jacket and one with the jacket, mesh leathers and shoes. In either package, however, the creator included the alpha layers for all.

I like it.



Syle Card:


Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Sebastien (Blacks) Trenchcoat: Yasum – Trench Coat Black Boots: Lapointe & Bastchilde – Tall Biker Boots, Distressed Black Guns: Breach 92F


Hair: Magika – TwentyFour [HUD 01] Clothes: AdN – Beauty Killer Jumpsuit (sans included boots) Boots: GoS – Curvaceous – Black Guns: Breach – Desert Eagle

Poses: Niquotine Poses (Shop Closed, Sadly) – Kiss My Gun Pack

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