Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

A little sneaky peek from a sneaky guy. Miss me? I didn’t think so. Hmph!

With only two days home between business trips, I didn’t think I’d have enough time to do anything let alone get a ton of work done on my sim and do a post, but here we are, Monday morning, on a conference call for work, and realizing I can listen and take a photo at the same time. Like anything else, its all fun and games until they have to say your name twice and you weren’t listening. Let’s see what happens.

Yesterday, there was a Boxer Rebellion party at Mer Sanctum which, naturally, meant everyone was to show up in their boxers. While I desperately wanted to find a pair of boxers with the chinese flag on it, I realised I didn’t have *any* boxers in my inventory. Quick purchase off the marketplace and off I went.

Afterward though, I realized it was time for a trip to Vitamen.

Wholly responsible for the trend in “Peek-A-Boo!” men’s shorts, pants and under-armor, Vitamen has been making hot men look hotter for quite awhile now. Impressive sculpted packages in various shapes, directions, and level of peek-a-booage, Vitamen offers such a wide range that if you’re looking for a speedo, you’ll find something there that will definitely appeal.

There are two (at least) locations for Vitamen; one on a “Mature” sim and one an “Adult” sim. You won’t find the candystore on the Mature sim- so make sure you head over to their Adult location for those items.

While wandering the Mature location, however, I found that they’ve produced some quite amazing under-armor- without sculpts. Which is what I present here in the photo. Nope, there is no prim attachment there. Its all shading and amazing texture work. There are several sets available in multiple colors- tanks with boxers, briefs, string and so forth- but what you also get is various lengths. I bought the boxer set, obviously, but there are several sizes ranging from about mid-thigh to a more tighty-whitey leg length. The same with the tank. From about mid-abdomen down at various levels. Bravo for versatility.

What I find VERY amusing is the straps on the tank. Most tanks (or anything with fabric over the shoulder) will not be in a straight line unless you happen to have the exact same shoulder width as the template. All those extra polygons usually make a z-formation up over the shoulder as your polygons stretch out too far. Here, though, is a lower, reverse z-formation. Why? I’m not a gym queen. Vitamen are strapping, healthy boys who eat barbells for breakfast and do pushups on their fingertips.

Alas, I prefer to sit on their backs and watch them sweat with exertion.

But that’s just me. I’m a different breed of cat.



Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Claude (Black)

Skin: Nivaro – Cunov Light – fullhair – buzz (Why yes, I manscape)

Eyes: !Fashism – Sunrise Purple XL

Make-Up:Beauty Killer – Dark Mess

Necklaces: JoMo – #8 and YourShape  – Black Choker Silver

Under-Armor: Ribbed Cotton Tank & Boxer – Suzu

Chest Tattoo: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story

Leg Tattoo: Egoisme – Maori Spikes

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