Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

See, this is what happens when I rant that I can’t find good male mesh. I get it shoved at me from all sides to prove me wrong. Course, I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. Clearly, I need to just find the right ratio of Bitch to Bravado.

It started because my good friend Petr is entered into the Mr. Gay 2012 SL competition and I’m lending an eye to  him with outfits and photos and such. He found this incredible suit by Damien Fate and his !AEC! label, Adam Edelstein Couture. The Ultimate BOSS Mesh Suit.

Lets start with the details:

1) 100% Mesh Suit – The suit itself comes in two sizes, small and large.  Additionally, it is 3 complete pinstripe suits: black, red and blue. The alpha layer is only one size but it covered me entirely from shoulder to wrist to ankle. Oddly, both the small and large suits fit me- and fit me well enough I could pull them both off. The small one, though, did make me look a little bit poindexterish and I was a little concerned when trying the demo.  The large one, however, looked much better. The Tie and handkerchief are not shown in my photo. I encourage you to look at the full package to review them. They are a separate set of sculpted attachments so that you can adjust them as needed. I found I needed to adjust the tie up into the knot as it was oddly not connected and looked like the mesh was ragged at the edge. An easy fix. It comes with a texture change hud for the Tie/Kerchief with 15 very corporate looking fabrics. It just, however, isn’t me 🙂 I went with the Mandala Tie and Necklaces.

2) Additional Features –  As mentioned above, the Tie/Kerchief and their 15 different fabrics also come included in the package. Additionally, a button-chain on the jacket (fully adjustable) and the shoes are also included. Shoes. To match. Completely included. And shoes I LIKE! Steel-capped, faux-gator shiny, pointy-toed shoes. The alpha and hem of the suit are such that I could even exchange them out for something else if I wanted- but really- these are fab. It also comes with the shape featured in the photo.

3) Overall Shape – I can’t complain really about the shape of the suit. It has a nice forward push on the jacket just slightly at the bottom to denote that yes, indeed, I am male. It is still a straight line- but not FLAT. Similarly, the jacket and pants curve over a decent sized backside with a nice, smooth line. Is it my shape? Of course not. But its Appropriately Man Shaped. If you daddy bears want to show off your size still in this suit, it isn’t for you. No twink bubble butts, either, I’m afraid. While it stretched rather nicely to fit Petr’s much larger shape- it still tapered to an insanely narrow waist on him which just didn’t work. Oh sure, if he was Superman circa 1950’s comic, it’d be fab. But use your imagination. Its a great suit.

4) Pricetag – $1199L .. A little pricy, I will admit. I don’t generally spend that kinda green on clothing in SL. HOWEVER- worth it? Lord Have Mercy, yes.  3 complete suits and 15 ties plus shoes? A good, solid price. Plus, the creator rigged it VERY well.

I can unequivoally state, right here and now, this is the best formal suit I’ve ever owned in SL. It will take a lot to outdo this one. I mean, if nothing else….

[10:00] Vixn Dagger: ok so yeah…you got the Vixn “I’d fuck you in that” seal of approval LOL

Not to mention my boy leaning back, holding up a fake cigar, and stating, “I’ll have that with some fava beans and a nice chianti…”

As an aside to this suit- we looked at a few other suits and the Horenbeek mesh suits fit Petr quite nicely. Not so much of a dramatically a tapered waist. Definitely works for bigger men of the bear and/or gym variety. He did lose an ample portion of his delicious backside, but it still worked with the cut of the jacket. Mercy did it work with the cut of the jacket. Jesus H. On A Crutch does it w… ok, I’ll stop, but let me just say this, Petr has this… something. I have not yet decided what to call it. But he’s got it. And he drives me crazy with it.  In that Highschool Teacher Fantasy Kinda Way.



Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Sebastien and CiC – Audrey (heavily Modified)

Glasses: primOptic – Monza

Tie: Mandala – Smexy Tie Necklace(cross)/Urushi BLACK

Suit: !AEC! Ultimate BOSS Mesh Suit

Hands: Shelly Laufer – Men’s Hands (Silver/Black)

Set: Fallen Gods – Libertine Set

Boy – By Orlando (Fragrance coming soon)

2 thoughts on “The Boss

  1. petrvanbeeck says:

    /me snickers

  2. Vixn Dagger says:

    LMFAO This one has my girls Swooning! I won’t say what I did..being the Tart that I am!

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