Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


I have to be coherent, now.

Or you won’t read it.

But let me pause for a moment, just the one please dear gentle reader if you would be so kind as to indulge me, to throw my arms in the air and run around the house like Kermit the Frog on cocaine.


Now that I have that out of my system. Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus have released, via their S’Wear line, mesh jeans for men.  And I couldn’t be more excited than if I’d won the lottery, moved to Europe, married Christian Slater and died! (10 points to the person who gets the quote)

First things first- the details:

1) Fat Pack 11 colors across the spectrum of blues to slates to black.

2) Multiple Sizes 8 sizes from XXS – XL

3) Perfect Alpha Layer When I say perfect, what I mean is, it matches the contour of the jeans perfectly. Your mileage may vary, naturally, because of where you put your sliders.

4) Textures And here’s where I desperately try to not have another Kermit Moment. The texturing on these jeans is perfection. Wrinkles behind the knee are fantastic- the pockets have depth- the wrinkles up over the boot (or sculpted foot) are pricesless. The front package is nicely toned. The belt line is perfectly straight.  I’d use perfect again but it would be redundant.

5) And finally, the shape itself Saving the best for last, the shape of these jeans As I mentioned with the texturing, they curve perfectly up over a boot or shoe or prim foot. That’s not the best part though. They dip down in the front and hug along below the navel in that way that makes you intensely want to draw you tongue along the flesh next to it. That isn’t the best part either, though. No. THe best part? I not only have a scrumptuously deliciously round ass in these jeans, but I also have a modest package to write home about.

As if all of this wasn’t enough- they pass the dance test. I do not, from any angle, look as though I’m wearing inflatable drawers underneath.

I sat down with Paul and Bast after he handed me these gems and we talked alpha layers, shapes, sizes, and the creative process behind mesh. Some people may be thinking, “Eh, mesh jeans, whatever… they’e late to the game.” Oh but you would be violently wrong. They did the right thing- researched, reviewed, tested, and THEN created. And what they’ve created is damned close to perfection.

My partner and I are very different shape wise. We played with alpha layers, discussed how the package and butt sliders go higher on men than women and how that alters the shape of a “traditional” waistline. We talked sizes from muscle queen to bear to twink and boy.

These are creators who get that we’re not all created on those 5 “average” sizes and are doing what they can to make clothes everyone can wear.

Will you have to alter your shape to wear them? Maybe.

Will it be worth it? A to the Men, yes.



Style Card:

Nigel- Hair: Wasabi Pills – Sebastian & CiC – Audrey (heavily modified) Shirt: K!NG – Half Shirt Pants: .:L&B:. – S’Wear Mesh Mens Jeans Boot Cut – Smooth Black * Boots: .:L&B:. – Urban Buckle Shoe – Slate

Orlando- Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Bou & Wasabi Pills – Dragon Belt: +grasp+ – Le Fleur des Lis Pants: .:L&B:. – S’Wear Mesh Mens Jeans Boot Cut – Medium Blue

5 thoughts on “L&B – S’Wear Mesh Jeans

  1. petrvanbeeck says:

    <–Wants – gimme

    1. L&B have always made some of the best clothing out there, hands down. It doesn’t surprise me that they did a spectacular job. It does surprise me, however, that anyone would say they are late to the game with mesh. Out of everyone I know, hardly anyone is wearing mesh yet due to viewer issues, incompatibility, and the fact there aren’t a lot of basic quality products available yet. Most of the mesh items I have noticed seem to be extravagant and not something yer “normal”, average hayseed like me would wear. Maybe I simply don’t shop around enough, but I do knwo with the numerous events Coop and I do each week and the multitudes of people we encounter, and a damn near one of ’em wearin’ mesh. That tells me that L&B will still be considered pioneers as they venture into the game, because they are gonna do it right, if they do it at all, the same as they do with anything else 🙂

  2. Draco Nacht says:

    Those are hot!

    1. Paul and Bast can turn me into a babbling fanboy, but I think the mesh speaks for itself- its hot! 🙂 Thanks, Draco.

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