Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Happy July 4th! (or what I have come to call, “Sparklers? What sparklers? Its my natural glow, honey.”)

While the holiday itself is an American Institution of Commercialism, BBQs and a day off to play with pyrotechnics and burn down your neighbor’s home, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a moment to pause and reflect on your own personal freedoms and those you have earned by virtue of where you live.

That moment of patriotism, such as it is, aside, I bring you another sexy little offering from Dario Waddington at RGDW – Hot Clothes For Hot Men.

He’s had this retro outfit available for quite some time now, but just in time for the summer holiday, you won’t want to miss it. He does some really fabulous texture work; fabric wrinkles where the clothing stretches across the body, frayed edges with their own shadow against the skin, and rich color work. The lines are not to be missed either. So many designers fail to complete a piece with STRAIGHT lines where the shirt ends, especially along the upper torso. We men and our extra polygons for wide shoulders can sometimes make it difficult to have a great final product on the various shapes and sizes out there in SL, but Dario does it right every time.

My only complaint (you had to know there would be one eventually or else I wouldn’t be the bitchy queen you’ve come to know, love and loathe) is the rather generous package with the shorts. I get that its made for a gym queen or bear shape- but still. There’s enough to kill you in here. That said, he did a great job on the sculpted prim! its a perfect shape for squeezing into tight little shorts (it lifts, and separates!) and the texture work matches up perfectly- even after a resize to make it fit my shape better.

Hooray for manly slutwear!

Play safe out there!



Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Guren

Sunglasses: primOptic – Monza

Necklace: Gabriel – Achilleus Short

Shirt: RGDW – Dirty VIntage American Shirt

Shorts: RGDW – Dirty Vintage US American Flag Ripped Shorts

Boots: .::Energie::. – Cargo Boots (with Socks)

Sparklers: *GISELLE* Handheld Sparklers

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