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While sitting on hold with American Express Disputes for my Corporate Card is the PERFECT time to discuss last night’s failed attempt at finding MESH Pants for men.

Now when I say “failed attempt”, I want to be clear: Oh I found some. I Found quite a lot of them actually. All over the grid in dozens of colors and textures. But did I find any that I purchased? No.

I’ve been thinking a lot about mesh clothing since Berry posted her Blogger’s Digit challenge. I said something which needs a little more clarification- just like above. When I say that there’s “no mesh clothing for men!” and stomp my foot like a 3rd grader, grab my toys, and go home; what I mean is, “Blimey, there just aren’t that many choices for men’s mesh clothing that meet my entirely too picky standards for what I’ll wear in SL.”

I thought I’d hit the motherload when I saw favorite designer of mine had recently released some mesh leather trousers. Yeeee-ha! Just up my alley. Ooh, not only in black but blood red too? Right on! Let’s try that demo!

And this is where my little world began to crumble like a thin cookie left on the table overnight.

First off, the positive points: The creator made 4 sizes of mesh pants that come with every purchase; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Additionally, the alpha layer was flawless. Covered me PERFECTLY from waist to ankle. Absolutely no complaints there. But then I put the pants on. Immediately, without even being distracted by the incredible texture work on the pants themselves, I was disappointed.

My ass- a feature I do admit I rather enjoy looking at in a good textured pair of pants, was now a flat, immovable surface upon which one could balance the contents of an entire china shop on the head of a pin without worry it might move and crash. As if that wasn’t enough, panning the camera around front, I found that I was suddenly completely bereft of any front bulge whatsoever. Not quite concave, but the entire front was even more flat than my ass. Indeed, if you looked at me in profile, you might think I had been pressed into a book for a few centuries. Or turned into a teenaged girl, one or the other. Hell, the clothing-layer, no attachments at all pants from sf design I’m wearing in this photo (a favorite pair of mine) have more of a bulge to it than the mesh pants did.

But wait, my story gets better.

In the process of oiling up and shimmying into this tight pair of delectably textured leather mesh trousers, I apparently hurt myself because I was now bow-legged and walked with the kind of swagger that would make John Wayne blush.

Mesh: Why must you tease me so? Why must you give me delicious textures the kind which could make me crawl across a desert of glass for leather that tasty and then dash my hopes like the last kid picked for the dodgeball team?

The story is similar for other shops I visited in the hopes of finding some mesh trousers. Others were worse, I have to say. Saggy butts that looked like they were full of mushy peas, wrinkles that if caught in the right light looked like the jowls of an overweight hound-dog, and sadly, most other shops didn’t even get the alpha layer right or only provided 2 sizes of pants; too small and too big.

Alas, my journey only brought me a fatpack of a favored mesh leather jacket from +grasp+. I’ve owned the prim version of this jacket in several colors since it came out. I love +grasp+ and hope to see more from them in the mesh department. Its fabulous to be able to wear a complex leather jacket like this without having it disappear into my body no matter what pose I’m in. Bravo, +grasp+

The journey continues…



Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Sebastien and CiC – Audrey (heavily modified)

Necklace: From a set: T.E.D. – Tarrik

Bracelets: Blitzed – Legacy and Chorus

Shirt: bad@zz – White Tank Top

Jacket: +grasp+ – Leather Biker Jacket 2012 (MESH)

Pants: sf design – low ride open leather jeans

Boots: .::Energie::.  –  Cargo Boots (with Socks)

2 thoughts on “Grasping at Mesh

  1. says:

    I’m a girl not a guy but a lot of your comments are pretty much right on to me about mesh and “standard sizing”. Especially the parts about the flat behind and the bow legged walk. I think men have it even harder in the battle with mesh sizing and to be honest I hate the whole thing… it reminds me too much of that dressing room battle in real life trying to find ONE decent fitting pair of jeans. One of the things I LIKED in sl was not having to have that fight, blah.

    1. Definitely try the new mesh ladies jeans from L&B, Jewel. A friend of mine picked those up and they’re gorgeous on her. Fit like a glove, you walk straight, and as she put it, “It doesn’t look like I have room for a truck to drive through between my cheeks!”

      Thanks for the comment!

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