Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Flawless. Simply, Flawless.

I can start this post with no other word. Meet Giga Watts and Pawyu Wopat, Pappa Bear and Baby Bear respectively.  I ran into these two gentlemen at SecondPride on Sunday as we went to attend the “The Wives of Henry VIII – A musical farce in Six Acts”.

I’ll pause a moment here to say Oh Holy Hell this was an amazing production! EmCee’d by Wesley Spengler with incredible choreography, ABSOLUTELY flawless costuming, music, story, and most importantly, hysterical laughter. It was awesome. If they do it again- I highly reccomend attending. If for no other reason than Queen Catherine’s hip thrust. Historical telling with authentic music.. peppered with a queer eye and modern music to explain further, as they say, ‘Just what the fuck happened up in this bitch!” Director Marcus Steeplechase puts these on a few times a year and when I chatted with him, he said the Pride Players may do another of their shows in July. (I’ve included a couple shots below from the show)

And now back to the bears.

These guys were just the bees knees. A little inspect here- a few clicks and searches there- and I discovered a whole Chub society (not my word, but theirs) on SL.  The avatars were created by TigerChub Torok who has sadly since retired, however, is still in game under the name BearChub Resident. I also found a group for Chubimations, though couldn’t find a store. One real downside to avatars created like this though, is most definitely fashion. The prims themselves have the clothes on them. So you’re limited to what you can wear. I’ve been pondering how you could create clothes for these avatars and really they would have to be mesh or sculpt and made with the curves and rolls of the body and made large to go over the prims they’re already wearing to make the body look realistic.

This is exactly what I love about SL. The ability for people to come into SL and be either exactly how they are in RL or be what they wish they could be in RL. My brother also has an avatar in SL. One of his chief complaints as I was showing him around, getting him a shape and a skin and hair and clothes, and as he first started discovering all he could do within SL, was how hard it was to find things geared toward the Bear scene. I remember a particular conversation that started out, “Not all of us are tall skinny pricks like you!”

He has since, of course, found the various Bear Themed sims and groups and is having a wonderful time. These, though, we’ve never seen.

Hats off to TigerChub, Giga, Pawyu and all the BearChubs out there. You go, Gurls!




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