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Last April, Strawberry Singh did a “What’s your Digits?” post on her blog and created a Flickr group for the images people made.  In the interim, Mesh has made its invasive way into our lives and made many change their appearances to be able to wear the rigged, non-modifiable gems of creativity. Now, when I say ‘Us’ of course, I mean you wimmin folk since mesh for men really doesn’t exist. Oh sure, if I wanted to wear baggy-ass saggy sweatpants that make me look like I’m wearing Depends, sure, there’s mesh for men. But honestly, the pickin’s are- as usual- slim for men.

So here we are a year later, older and supposedly wiser, and Ms. Singh has put up her Digits Challenge again as well as re-opening/maintaining the Flickr Group. She’s added some blogger questions as well. So here we goes.

  • How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

I do love good mesh. Please take special note of the word “good” in there, please.  Throwing out content you’ve “created” by using someone’s full-perm mesh kit does not make it good. What makes it good? Textures. Appropriate rigging. Required Alpha layer in multple sizes. Oh and did I mention Textures? Though the question wasn’t asked, some of my favorite mesh creators for men: Scars (amazing “t-shirt”), Wasabi Pills (hair), GoS and Deco (Boots), Gothicatz (Clothing).   Gothicatz probably wins my vote for best utilization, however. She doesn’t use ALL MESH ALL THE TIME! No, she uses it where its appropriate and where it makes sense.  Just because its the new thing, doesn’t mean everything has to have it.  Think about it in the context of hair, for example; when flex was introduced, you’d see hairstyles that were 100% flex pieces and they looked stupid. Creators went back to partial flex and partial standard.. and they’re faboo.  For hair, as anyone who actually reads my diatribes will note, the addition of being able to wear multiple items on the same attachment point makes it great to wear a mesh hairstyle (which can sometimes look almost rubbery because of how it bends and folds with you) with a prim hairstyle on top of it. I do this often with my longhair wasabi pills mesh and some fringe on top from a regular style.  It does require a bit of primtorture and texture changing, but its great when you can do it.

  • Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?

Nope. Don’t plan to, either.

  • Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?

When I first read this question, I thought, “Mesh Deformer? Huh?”  and had utterly forgotten about it. Why? because it was 2 years ago it was started. 2. Years. So yea, I forgot about it. Would it make me wear mesh more?  So far, for men, the size thing really isn’t an issue. I’m not a huge Slider Queen, so size isn’t *really* the issue. (Ba dum ch, save the bad jokes, please) Its that there just isn’t a lot of good men’s mesh out there. Rather like how if you compared the wealth of available fashion for women to the abysmally small men’s collections…  So I don’t see the Mesh Deformer doing a huge help for men. For women, I definitely think it will help. Y’all got some cuuuuuurves goin’ on.  Now, with that as a preface, the fact I like wearing a lot of items made for women that I can pull off as a guy, means that the Deformer will probably be quite a nice addition for me personally. But for men in general, I don’t see it as the huge win it will be for girls.

So to sum up: Do I like good mesh? Yep. I also like good sculpties, good regular prims, and fabulous texture work on flat clothing layers. Its all about the whole package, people.



3 thoughts on “Berry’s Blogger Challenge

  1. I haven’t done either digits challenge,so won’t be able to comment there but I agree with your veiwpoint on mesh Nigel..well said!

  2. I’m so glad you listed your favorite mesh creators for men, I had not heard of two of them and now I will have to go do some serious shopping. Thank you for sharing your numbers and thoughts! ❤

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