Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So a friend of mine recently introduced me to the band Parov Stelar. I’ve had their album Daylight on repeat for about 2 days now while dancing around and working on various projects in SL. Its got this.. intoxicating beat of combinations. Its like the lounge track you’d expect to hear in Hell’s Waiting room where Go-Go Boys in Flapper dresses spin around stripper poles. (I’ll leave that image for you to noodle on, lord knows I am) It makes for diverse background inspiration when sorting through your inventory of recent purchases, I can tell you that much.

As promised, not to be derailed by music or towels, is part two of Saturday’s shopping outing.

We wandered into Hedo and it was clear pretty much from the get go that I was going to spend a lot of money in here if I wasn’t careful.  Clothing I have affectionately come to refer to as “Slutboy Chic” with its low-slung pant lines and pulled-up shirts with cropped jackets and frills of all kinds. Flawless and Fabulous.

This particular jacket is simple and neat. Shoulderpads with an easy design that adds cut and style but doesn’t go overboard. Similarly, the wrist cuffs are just simple with bows but tie the jacket together. The collar and back-ruff is one sculped piece while the collection of necklaces, chains, and barbed wire that cover the chest are done as a separate attachment so you can wear it or not as your choice. And, blissfully, its all mod. Easy fitting.  My only complaint is that the clothing layer doesn’t quite go in far enough on the chest so the jacket doesn’t pass the dance test- lots of bare skin around the armpits as you move. But hey, how often do you stay on a dancefloor with all your clothes on in Second Life?





Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Haku – Black

Glasses: GOS Custom

Jacket & Necklaces: Hedo – Garet

Pants: KOSH – Pinstripe Black

Belt: L&B – S’wear Buckle Belt Plain

One thought on “Shopaganza Part 2

  1. elizawierwight says:

    I’d wear that jacket, RL or SL. I truly would ~laughs~

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