Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Second Life is a fantasty world. I get that. It is a world where you can have four legs one day and be bipedal the next. Where your skin is just as easily green as it is “human”. Where you can be anything and are limited only by your own imagination. It is a fabulous tool for creativity and extravagance. One that I embrace fully and with which I have a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Bearing all of that in mind, I would still like to discuss the concept of realism.

Gentlemen, I realize that the thrill of having a member that is likely to be confused with a jackhammer or a baby’s arm with its hand balled into a fist is an alluring one. Indeed, you don’t have to go buy an expensive car to compensate for Mother Nature’s cruel joke of gifting you with perhaps a less than impressive showing. But c’mon. Do you REALLY need to wear a sculpted or mesh prim attachment on your crotch so large that I question your ability to remain conscious if you were to achieve an erection? Blood loss is blood loss, kids.

And besides, you’re not coming anywhere near me with that thing. My jaw doesn’t unhinge that far and you’re certainly not going anywhere else with it.

Why am I ranting? Well. Remember that shopping extravaganza I went on the other night and promised photos of the haul of treasure? I’ve been messing with the crotch/belt attachment to a pair of pants now for two days trying to get it look more or less proportioned to my body. Without success. Putting it on native out of the box, I would have to gain about 50 pounds around the middle. Or in SL terms, be a slider gym queen. That aside, to be that well endowed would make me so front-heavy I wouldn’t be able to hold myself upright without a kickstand. (Note: I have nothing against you big, brazen, beautiful gym queens and daddy bears. Its just not me. Carry on!)

So starts the process of making it smaller. All hail the resize script- but in order to make the crotch the right size, the belt was now entirely inside my body.  Ok, lets make the belt bigger. Lets use that “just resize this prim” and not “all prims”… oh, right, but the belt itself is about 10 pieces. All of which would have to be individually aligned and resized.  Hm. Ok. Factory reset (A wonderful, wonderful feature I must say).  Lets make the package smaller. Oh. The zipper is 25 prims. Yea. Ok, no better.

Am I ranting? Yes. Yes, I am.

I won’t call out the creator here- he does fabulous work and I own many of his items that I adore. This one rather gorgeous piece just set me off on a style rant about cock.

And my dear friend Eliza got to be on one of the receiving ends of my rants about cock while I tried resizing and she showed me her latest build.

So today, just when I’ve gotten up a full head of steam to log in and really write up a ripper of a post, I log in to a Marketplace gift from Eliza.

This one’s for you, Eliza. Brazen, bold and pointed right at the world.

Remember to step back and laugh and enjoy the funny.

Thanks, babe.


Stylecard. Sorta.

Towel: Muschi Bath Towel – Red Boots: L&B – Tall Biker

9 thoughts on “Just a Towel

  1. elizawierwight says:

    [14:57] Eliza Wierwight: now I am picturing a BJ where you have to dislocate your jaw like a snake eating a rat @ kill me now .com


    Nigel, you’re a very bad man 🙂

    1. Isn’t that why you like me? 😀

  2. Lisa Fossett says:

    /me sees no photo yet…waiting impatiently since it apparently includes a towel.

    However, about the resize scripts….I could probably rant just as loudly and perhaps even longer. It’s one of my favorite things to rant about. I hate em. There are some smart ones about. They’ll realize you’re going below 0.01 on a dimension and adjust the prim and somehow keep things looking good. But, I could do all this by myself if the )&*^%(*)*^%!!! thing were mod-copy. Keep bitching; perhaps we’ll be heard.

    1. Yea, the scripts are fab for people who can’t build themselves. And a ‘restore’ function is wildly wonderful. But if you’re going to make something that goes around a body part- especially the waist and hips and thighs- for god’s sake, make it mod. 🙂

  3. elizawierwight says:

    Yesh, yesh indeed 🙂

  4. Lisa Fossett says:

    o.o. (Picture loaded) *NICE* gift. Well done!

  5. Orlando says:

    I have been having the most rotten day and now I have to find a gift for Eliza, that made me laugh so hard. And I can’t even explain to my coworkers why I’m laughing so much.

  6. elizawierwight says:

    Paying it forward, hearing that made me smile Orlando, big time ~hugs~

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