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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So, after the usual stint on Saturday afternoons of working post production work in Photoshop while listening to my favorite SL DJ spin, I went off in search of new clothes.

I know, I know, I can hear you now. “But Nigel, your closet is already full! You don’t need more!” But darlings, I’ve been seen in all of it. One must have new clothes now and again. Or, y’know, often.  Since I’m not a designer sychophant, I don’t get all this free crap thrown at me in the vain hopes I’ll style it and get a million blog readers or something, I decided to go shopping. Yes, yes, its true, I don’t get this stuff for free. I blog for two designers only, and that’s because they’re friends of mine. Everything else you see is bought and paid for because I like it.

There is the potential here for me to just go all aggro on some of these self-acclaimed stylist masters that get a million views on their snaps on Flickr and dozens of favorites and gallery additions… because they took a snapshot.  But I’ll save it. If I start ranting, I may just lose my mind.  It isn’t jealousy- I just don’t understand it. But then, this is why I’m not part of the fickle fashion world.  I just dip my toes in now and again and wave to the crowd and go back to doing my own thing. I’m much happier that way. And I’m sure the fashion world is too.

/steps off soapbox.

So I drag along my new friend Kisten with me and Orlando to go do some shopping. Though, really, Kisten was our cruise director since I don’t know half the places out there that are new. Ended up picking up a bunch of new items for some good old mix and match. A little nice formalish wear- some slutgear- a few jackets- some necklaces. I like to think I had a style once, but now really its all over the place.  It depends on my mood, like anything else these days.

One of the places we stopped in was Aoharu by machang Pichot. I’d picked up a sweater there once but hadn’t been back. The mesh/sculpt work and textures are outstanding- and the jackets are /awesome/ … for the pose s/he used to make the advertisement.  You know the type- it looks windblown, or like you’re dancing or something. It looks fabulous- but, well,I don’t know about you, but like Orlando said, “Y’know, I don’t walk around constantly with my hip out like that or my arms in the air.. it’d look funny.”

I adore this shirt, though. It has a deep color to it that is very striking. Not this orange red or flat red. It just pops!  The cuffs are a bit big- but that was easily enough fixed.


More to come from the shopping extravaganza. As soon as I find where it went in my inventory.


Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Saku (Both white and black versions)

Shirt: Aoharu – BT-Silkflower Shirt – Red

Pants: Gothicatz – Diavolo

Boots: COCO – Engineer Boots

Rings: Rozoregalia


One thought on “Shopping Binge – Part 1

  1. Kisten says:

    awww … i gotz more places to take you guys! sort your boxes fast!

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