Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

What is it with me going on business trips and L&B releasing new product? Maybe I just need to be away constantly so there will always be a new L&B release.

This deliciously thought out ensemble is, once again, a complete masterpiece. Jacket, shirt, pants and boots- the essentials. But its not just the one color, oh no, you get a HUD that has 4 color schemes to choose from for your plaid craziness; red, blue, grey and brown. The whole thing makes me want to skank to some Madness. (And unless you’re familiar with Madness, you’re probably missing the skank reference, but the alternative amuses me greatly so i will leave it here and up to you if you want to figure it out.)

The other thing that happens when I go out of town on a business trip for a week right after announcing a call for models is an IM Capped screen of blinking goodness. I have to thank Frolic for sending out my notice for me to his gaggle. The Drag project I’m going to be doing is going to be so fab. Oh yes. Fab, I say.

So if you IMed me this week, and I haven’t replied, please do let me know. I like a good poke.

And on that note, I have some poses to sort through and a dance party to get to.

Plus, well, there’s wine.



Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Saku (black & White Versions)

Necklaces: Gabriel & Irrisistable Rings: Rozoregalia

Jacket, Pants and Boots: Lapointe & Bastchilde – Rocker Set S’wear Label

One thought on “Feelin’ Blooovey

  1. Nathaniel Pevensey says:

    I sooo want those boots!

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