Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I have many a talented friend in SL. Builders, Designers, Stylists, DJs, really the whole gambit. I am humbled by their creativity on a daily basis. When my friend Eliza brought me over to show me her latest passion- Wildchild & Muse (Mesh dresses done with an eye for artistic talent instead of just simple fashion)- I didn’t think I’d be wearing one of them.


Not one to shrink from a gauntlet thrown, I answered the question, “Could we get you in a Dress, Nigel?” with “Well, I’ve worn them before…” I believe the conversation ended with her stating, unequivocally, “I want photos!” Well here you go, doll.

Was it made for a man? Of course not. But honey, I can still rock it. This boy knows how to corset, I can assure you. For the ladies, she does include not 1 but 7 different sizes of gown plus the required alpha layer to go underneath. In addition, though not shown in the photo, is a lovely fan that matches the gown. Exquisite texturing and an attention to detail that should not go unnoticed. At her store, on her own sim Patron, you can try the demo as well before you buy it to see how it will look on your avatar.

My only comment is this- make a men’s line, woman!

Off to file my nails,


Style Card:

Hair: Dura Boy 34 – Black

Tattoos: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story

Gown: Wildchild & Muse – Nara

Bracelets: Blitzed – Chorus and Legacy

2 thoughts on “Midnight Drag

  1. elizawierwight says:


    I think I just fell a bit in love 🙂

    Thank you Nigel.

    1. Only a little bit? *grins* Glad you like it, m’dear.

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