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Interested in Doing Drag? Then I’m looking for you!

I’m putting together a showpiece on gender and want to shoot a series of models. I’m looking for 10 Men and 10 Women to dress in their best drag. This series is intended to be a celebration of inclusion; a positive look at cross-dressing.

What do I mean by drag? First off, and most important, your shape and skin does not change. Your shape and skin is who you are and how you identify your gender within SL. If you’re male- I want you wearing a male shape and skin. Likewise for the ladies, keep your lovely curves and cheekbones. What it does mean is that the ladies can, for example, add a prim moustache/beard and male hairstyle. Likewise, the men can put on make-up tattoo layers and a ladies hairstyle. The basic body shape and skin you wear, however, must stay the same.

This is not a transexual, transgender or androgynous shoot. Those are very different self-identifiers. What I want is people who are up to the challenge of styling themselves out in gender appearance typically meant for the opposite sex.

I definitely want all body-types and styles to be represented. Are you a big ole bear of a lumberjack with a permanent 5 o’clock shadow who wants to slip into an evening gown and put on make-up? Outstanding! Are you a double-D, full figured lady wanting to put on a leather biker outfit and smoke a stogie? Perfect! Slim and petite lady cross-dressing as a typically masculine construction worker with a beard? Naturally! BE CREATIVE!

Things to think about when putting together your ensemble

  1. The shoot will be done on a basic white set with shadows.
  2. You may bring limited props to go with your outfit. We can discuss idividually on what you want to do.
  3. I shoot with Lumi-Pro. Remove all face-lights and self-lighting.
  4. I’ll provide poses unless you are bringing your own props that include a pose.
  5. Finally, its up to you whether or not I include your name into the final project. You may pick an alias, use your SL Name, or both. Or neither. I’m very flexible on this. If you’ve always wanted to do this but aren’t comfortable with your name included, I’m more than happy not to do so.

OK, I’m In, How do I Sign Up and When Are You Doing This?

  1. IM Nigel Riel in world and tell me, “Hey! I wanna Be Drag Fabulous!” While I would love to accept comments here for inclusion, I’d rather they all be in one place in world.  You can, of course, comment here if you have questions and such but if you want to be one of the 20 members of my Drag Fabulous team, please IM me in SL.
  2. I’d like to start shooting probably the 2nd week of May. So that will give you time to put together your outfits, discuss with me any questions you may have about what you’re putting together, etc. To be clear, YOU have creative control of your outfit. I’m just willing to help if you have questions or aren’t sure about something. The only thing I may request changed is if you didn’t follow the shape/skin rule or if the prop-with-pose you choose (if you bring one) doesn’t work with the set.
  3. Are There Limits? Camp is ok, in fact its more than ok. Blatant gender-stereotyping is part of a drag performance culture. A 6′ gym queen dressed up as a 50’s house-wife with an ironing board is fabulous. What I won’t allow is if you come at me with something intended to poke fun at cross-dressing or in any way be intolerant.
  4. Where will the photos be shown? They’ll make an appearance here on Flickr, in my blog, and finally as part of a showpiece on an art sim I’m building. You will be notified of all useage.
  5. Can you get a copy of your shot? Absolutely. I’m happy to provide you with a copy- or you can simply grab it from Flickr.
  6. FINALLY: I will require you put together a stylecard for me on your complete outfit so that the designers you choose to wear get their call-out.

Up to the challenge? I hope so.


One thought on “Drag Fabulous – Call For Models

  1. elizawierwight says:

    OOOOh I am up for it 🙂

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