Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Sometimes people create objects within Second Life that are so stunning you just have to step back and applaud. Creations of great beauty, art, sophistication and that often include thought provoking imagery aren’t really all that uncommon.  True brilliance in SL, like anywhere else, is of course rare. Real true original works of art- be they fashion, photography, buildings, landscaping, scripting.. you can find them here if you look hard enough.

And sometimes you just stumble upon greatness.

One thing people tend to over look in their quest for Finding Fabulousness on SL is their sense of humor.

I saw this chair and quite literally busted out laughing in real life. A real arms-around-the-chest-rocking-back-in-my-chair belly laugh. I think I even cackled once or twice.

This absolutely fandamtabulous copiable chair from [NeurolaB Inc.] comes with 9 adjustable poses. Available in black and white versions along with various spikes and tongue piercings.

Life’s Too Short. Don’t forget to stop and laugh and have a good time along the way, kids. You’ll live longer.



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