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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

So I mentioned I’d be gone for a few weeks; galavanting across Europe with a rail pass, a huge iPod full of music, and a suitcase full of Corporate Drag… right?


So two weeks in one suitcase is a pain in the ass enough for me when it comes to picking only one pair of boots to take with me, nevermind having to leave enough room empty for shopping in Camden for more boots and other shiny things to add to my ever increasing collection of “Silver Shiny Things From Camden”, but to have to insult my suitcase with 3 business suits was just painful. Talk about valuable real estate taken up by drab. Though I will say, it was entertaining to be coming back to the conference hotel after having gone out with a co-worker for dinner, and my hair is up and out of the way so the 22 piercings are well and visible, gone are the sensible suit shoes and in its place are 14-hole Oxbloods, and I have a t-shirt on that says, “Remember, you can’t have Manslaughter without Laughter” over a 50’s stylized man with a huge grin holding a hatchet.

I do love being me sometimes.

As a side note, before I actually get to the SL fashion post of the ramble, why only one suitcase? YOU try lugging more than one suitcase and a backpack through airports and, more importantly, through train stations *and trains* without losing your little mind. You may get to have some nice airline employee take your suitcase for you and it greets you when you get to your destination, but for the unaware-of-rail-in-europe set, oh no, you lug your own, thankyouverymuch. And I had a day in Paris between trains with just enough time to get from Gare du Nord to Gare de l’Est, stash the bag in a locker, and dash over to see the Helmut Newton Exhibition at the Grand Palais- I wasn’t about to try and do all that with a second suitcase.

Guess that was more of a side ramble than a sidenote, huh?

EH. Suck it up, darlings, I’ve been in post-withdrawl for almost three weeks now.

Yes, almost three. So I was gone for two, but getting back on the timezone involves a whole lot of passing out at 7pm and getting up at the crack of stupid and trying to catch up with the work that didn’t get done while you were gone.

Photos? Art? Building? Shopping? What are these things?

And then I remembered seeing an offline whiz by during my travels that Lapointe and Bastchilde and put out something. Dashing into my group notices, low and behold, I found a stack of items that were about to fall off the notice list. Whew! Saved!

And thus we finally get around to talking fashion. I knew I’d get there eventually. And if you’ve stuck around this long, click the old comment button up there and let me know. I’m curious if anyone besides me and those I bribe with cheese actually read this thing or if I’m just stroking my own, here.

So in short, Paul’s gone mad! Mad, I tell you. He’s released this fabulous Promo outfit from the S’wear line called “Drift”. Jacket, pants, belt, and boots, all in one for a low price. It has everything a leather and buckle lover could want and its impossible to say no, really. He even goes so far as to put instructions in for those that aren’t as savvy about how to wear more than one item on a single attachment point. I have to say, though, the thing I love most about Paul’s work? I almost never have to adjust anything. Everything in this set fit right out of the box. No hemming or hawing, no cussin, spittin er fightin. Just wearin.

Ahhh, bliss.

*fingerwaves* Off to enjoy my Saturday- you should too.



Style Card:

Hair: Durja Boy 05

Skin: Egoisme – Johan Pale

Make-up: Beauty Killer – Gothic Shadows

Piercings: Not Available in World

Necklace: irrisistible shop – Unisex dark punk

Jacket, Belt, Trousers: L&B – Men’s Drift Promo Package

Tattoos: Fallen Gods – A Skin Story

Pose: Me

8 thoughts on “Drift

  1. aryanna001 says:

    Wait just a damn minute, you bribe with cheese? Well where in the hell is MINE!? Hrmph… I see how it is. Drift suits you nicely. I admit it’s been some time since I’ve visited L&B. If this is the latest for men, I better sashay over there and see what’s new for ladies. 😉

    1. Oh he’s released some excellent new boots for women as well, Ary. They’ll make an appearance on the blog too at some point this weekend. And I have some special cheese for you, m’dear. Nice and smooth and creamy.

  2. Lisa Fossett says:

    Who stole my cheese??

    Welcome back, thanks for the flashback to my own adventures abroad. Always a good read, Nigel. And the photo is delicious. Like a good cheese fondue with the perfect glass of wine or three.

    1. Mnn, that reminds me… we had lunch at this fabulous new place in Chelsea, L’art du Fromage. I’ll have to do a cheesy post..

  3. orlando says:

    L&B seems to be responsible for some of the best detail work in SL

    1. What impresses me is that they get better with each release.

  4. Petra Carpenter says:

    I always read your ramblings Nigel. Just sometimes it has been known I remain silent in the back ground. I would however pay good money to see you dressed in a buisness suit.

    1. You? Silent? Awww pshaw, be bold.

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