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Y’know, when someone says they made a T-shirt in SL, I think of the t-shirt layer with some sort of graphics on it. The rest of you ancient folks like me will remember the Robyn Sojourner t-shirt template that came out and people started really cranking out t-shirts back in the day. It had, dare I say it, wrinkles in the material! *gasp* Oh my god wrinkles! It wasn’t just a flat, non-shaded slap of color on your body. It was a revelation.

Gradually, as more talented artists came to SL, t-shirts began looking better and better with more wrinkles and even a little shading here and there. Some got real creative and put “cuffs” on the upper arms made with simple cylinders.

Step forward a few years to sculpted prims. T-shirts started getting rolled-up sleeves, sculpted prim bottoms at the waist and lower stomach so as to not have that “clinging to you like it was painted on” look (which, well, c’mon, it is…).

Scars has set the bar higher than it has ever been for a “t-shirt” with Sin Knoller’s latest release.

…and he calls it a t-shirt.

1 piece mesh, comes in 6 colors plus a pattern, 3 sizes (sm/m/L) and an alpha layer. You can demo it- and I highly suggest you demo it. I’m wearing the “large” one and I have to wear the alpha layer or I show through.

The shading is incredible. The movement is just wild. The texture actually FEELS soft. I just want to curl up and sleep in it.

Bravo, Scars. Bravo.


Style Card:

Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Bambi and CiC – Audrey (Heavily modified to show the fringe only)

Shirt: …Scars… Mesh T-shirt (White)

Pants: >>ROOTS<< – 00J10008

Boots: L&B – Biker Classic Boots

One thought on “…and he calls it a T-shirt

  1. Petra Carpenter says:

    It’s when I see how far SL fashion has come since I first discovered it that I feel…mature!
    I seldom wear a t shirt in SL but that is because I wear various ones in FL. I dress far more classy when on line!

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