Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’ve been on a real tear lately with photoing and blogging.. must be making up for the fact that I’m leaving on Saturday for 2 weeks and won’t have access to anything. Yes, its true, I’m a Corporate Wage Slave and will be going on a business trip. But before you get all “awwww” about it, I’m heading over to Europe so.. really, its not all that bad 😀

Of course, it could also be that I’ve just hit a streak of good fortune at finding some new real gems out there that I adore. Like, say, oh, this entire outfit.

The latest offering from Looloo Beck at >>GothiCatz<< was an instant purchase. Within minutes of receiving the notice in the group of the release, it was in my hot little hand. Her texture work has gotten so damned good, you really can feel it when you’re wearing her latest designs. As if she couldn’t improve more, she’s gone mesh- all of the prim attachments on the shirt and pants are mesh and they’re absolutely lovely. Be it luck or excellent design, they fit right off the bat- no alpha layers required.

The boots are also a new acquisition that I picked up while at GothiCatz. Tucked over in the corner of the men’s side, is a little shoe shop with SL v1 Viewer, SL v2 Viewer and Mesh boots in several different styles. The real kicker is that you get both v1 and v2 boots in the same package with appropriate alpha layers, resize and movement scripts and, in this particular pair of boots, the option for color changing the laces and socks.

Paired with one of my favorites from /wasabi pills/ and shot at Fallen Gods in one of the builds for sale, “Hall of Mists”. I have to tell you, if I had a prediliction for stalking, I think I’d find a way to carve out a corner of Selidor and live there. Under a rock. Covered in Moss.

Its enough to just make me verklempt.



Style Card:

Hat/Hair: Wasabi Pills – Magician

Shirt and Trousers: GothiCatz – Diavolo

Tattoo: Skin Story – Fallen Gods

Necklace: Gabriel – Long

Boots: ::380:: – Civil Boot Black Distressed

Belt: L&B: S’wear Black and Bronze

Location: Selidor, Fallen Gods – Hall of Mists

Lighting and Pose: LumiPRO



3 thoughts on “GothiGods

  1. Orlando says:

    That is smoking hot! Probably because you’re wearing it, but nicely done!

  2. Darkly Artistic says:

    That is an alarmingly hot hot photo there,

    1. Alarmingly hot.. well thank you!

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