Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


Once more from the “anyone that knows me will tell you” files alongside the “creature of habit” bucket, there’s a single feature about me that never changes: I always have armlets/gloves on.

I hate SL arms. I always have. Bare arms just look… wrong. Maybe it goes back to the days before skin designers got better and put in shading- or maybe it was just the blank canvas.. but I have always hated my arms showing. It takes a great deal of effort to get me to take them off… and here I am, arms free and showing.


The tattoos. I’ve died and gone to heaven with this stunning tattoo work from Alia at Fallen Gods.

For the first three years of my SL life, I wore the same set of tattoos. I even had my skin adjusted by the maker to put my tattoos on the skin directly so I could wear clothing that came on an undershirt layer and not lose my tattoos back in the days before there was a special tattoo layer and before you could wear more than one item on the same layer. So many clothing items I couldn’t wear because it was on the same layer as my tattoos. It was a rare occasion that I would change the tatoos- usually just for a photoshoot or something like that and then change them back.

When tattoo layers came out, I started hunting again for something that fit my style and wore a few different tattoos but nothing really spoke to me. The Maori Spikes from Egoisme have been on for about the last year. And then I saw these.

I’ve always had a love for things Celtic and this one just nails it. Just absolutely nails it. From the animal work across the chest to the scroll and knotwork down the arms. The stars.. I could go on for days on the intricacies of this piece. The *BACK*… *fans myself*. The tight weave of the back work along the spine and across the flanks are just… breathtaking.

Alia, as always, has packaged this tattoo on multiple clothing layers, the tattoo layer, and has made it tintable. It will honestly work on any skin from his fantastical colors to the most normal of humans.

So here I go, out into the wild blue yonder, arms bare.. and loving it.



Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Magnoria II (Black and White both)

Necklace: Gabriel – Achilleus Long

Armlets: <<Discord>> – I-CHI

Tattoos (Chest, arms and back) – Fallen Gods – “A Skin Story”

Belt: L&B – S’Wear men’s Square Belt – Black/Bronze

Pants:Rfyre – Acellin II – Low-Rise Leathers

One thought on “A Skin Story

  1. Your arms never looked better. Great post btw.

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