Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


It should come as no surprise that aside from being a snappy dresser with a boot fetish, I also have a few other… affections… for things that you might call kinks. Not that I’m kinky or anything, oh heavens no, I’m as straight laced as the— ok, I couldn’t even finish that sentence with a straight face let alone straight-laced.

I’m a kinky bastard. *gasp* I know, you’re so shocked, right? I’ve explored just about every avenue that has held interest for me, both in real life and within Second Life. I’ve even discovered a few new things since coming in world- you know, those crazy things you just can’t do in real life without permanently maiming your partner or worse, ending up in jail. Don’t worry, I’ll save my ranting about the BDSM community within SL for another post perhaps, but suffice it to say, at least 90% of the people who play within the BDSM SL Community are doing just that- playing. I have no interest in people who slap a ‘Master’ or ‘slut’ title over their heads and think they’re all that and a bag of chips. In short: Yes, I have over a decade of real life experience in the community, I’m not an SL-Weekend Kinkster. In short: Earn it, Bitches.

What I do really enjoy about the SL BDSM community is the clothing. Some of the creators out there have gotten so good with very realistic gear that really is the bees knees. But again, as will come as no surprise to the men out there, 99% of it is tailored for women. I get it already, the SL Population is over 75% women- fine- but c’mon already, us guys want some too!

I’m a decent builder (some would say more than that, but I always feel like everything I build should be ripped down and done better.. which I suppose makes me a pretty good builder, huh?) so modifying prim outfits is nothing new to me and quite easy for most pieces. Some things though- like corsets- we’re just not going to win. Corsets built on a woman’s shape just can’t be modified appropriately- especially if its a sculpted or mesh piece. I just don’t have the hips. They would need to be in separate time-zones to fit a corset by the time I got the top big enough to fit my torso.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Nigel, move the sliders down and be more waiflike, then it will be fine!”

No. This is me, damnit. I’m not a waify little gothboi, thanks.

All the bitching aside, however, at least for photography’s sake, I did find an outstanding neck-corset by Rosal that fit the bill. She has a set of resize scripts and instructions which you can add to her pieces which make it much easier to fit to a male shape. She even provides a huge multi-pack of 27 alpha layers in different sizes for her corsets. That kind of dedication is much appreciated. (Now do it for guys!) In addition to all those behind the scenes points, she also has made her corsets fully modifyable for fabric, shine or no shine, and texture so you can get the exact right mood that you want.Finally, she’s added in the pose option so that you will always remain inside her items- even while dancing.

The neck corset matched perfectly with my harness and arm-bands from Justise Barcelos’s HUNG line. I absolutely love his line for men; chaps, jeans, jocks- the whole line. And they’re easily adjustable again to fit anyone from Gym Queen to waify boy. The harness comes with an outstanding codpiece and pair of chaps that have such amazing textures on them. His texture work really is good.

Mnn, I think I need to grab the boy and go smut shopping. And maybe find a nice club to.. relax.



Style Card:

Hair and all my other creatures of habit: You know the drill. Its the same.

Neck Corset: ROSAL – Rivet Neck Corset – Black

Harness and Arm-bands: HUNG Black Titanium Jock/harness w/chaps

Belt: L&B Biker Belt – Silver

Leathers: GothiCatz – Carbon

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