Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


As the wind gets crazy here in San Francisco, blustering the trees in our backyard and making the curtains flutter as endless amusement for the cats, the smart person would close the windows. Me? Well.

So as I curl up in one of my favorite oversized sweatshirts leftover from a guy I used to date a decade ago or so (hush, I’m older than most of you), I reached into my inventory to look for something appropriate and couldn’t find anything that fit my mood. Oh I have sweaters galore, but I wanted a turtleneck. The kind you can duck your chin into and close your eyes.

I saw mention of a designer I hadn’t seen before in another blog and wandered over to Aoharu and picked up this Cashmere Turtleneck that perfectly fit the bill. The neck is divine, warm and snuggly. The textures are soft and rumply down the front but I will admit, I’m kinda disappointed in the arms. It just loses its oomph for me. The cuffs are simple and understated though. Which I liked.

I was reminded of Alchemy Immortalis and hadn’t been for quite awhile so took a gander through their new(est) shop. The necklace, Ami amet deli pencet, is quite versatile and lovingly collected. 5 metals, multiple gem options, easy sizing, etc etc. The tailoring you’d expect from the pair of creators.

Its a quiet, insomniac Tuesday morning here at the homestead. My partner is asleep, like I should be, and the cats are sleeping in their own little heated catbeds. (Don’t ask, he buys them these luxuries…)

I’m missing old friends.

A somber g’night,


Style Card:

Hair: Wasabi Pills Sebastien + CiC Audrey (Heavily Modified)

Glasses: primOptic – Zadig Red

Piercings; No longer available in world

Turtleneck: Aoharu

Necklace: Alchemy Immortalis – Ami amet deli pencet – French Brooch Necklace

Belt: L&B – Buckled Biker – Silver

Pants: L&B – Buckled Biker

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