Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Once upon a time, in a galaxy inhabited by transvestites, punks, and girls who knew more about fixing hotrods than Uncle Joey, there was this delicious little splash called Glam. I won’t argue semantics, though if you try to tell me David Bowie and the New York Dolls didn’t own that bitch, then you’re off my christmas list for good.  Glam- like buckles, leather, and the smell of desperation at 4am in the alley behind CDGBs- is a not-entirely-secret little guilty pleasure pour moi.  Oui, like the predictable and contrived addition of a little French into the post, Glam has a way of sneaking up on me when I least expect it, devouring me whole, and spitting me out on the other side like Iggy Pop’s bedside cutdown tray. So when I was wandering around the FFL Sim I built (Oh, yea, that’s why I’ve been quiet these last few weeks- I volunteered (…was volunteered for.. not exactly sure I remember outside of Syngen, the doll she is, just assuming I was doing it again which, natch, helloooo, sure..) and I stumbled into a shop called GlamDammit… and THEN stumbled onto the fact it was my friend Lexi and his partner’s new shop-line, well… it was like tripping through the poppys in 6″ heels, girls. (Nevermind that I will be having a few words with Lexi later that he didn’t tell me he was on the sim I built or that his new label went live… Gha!)

Where was I? Oh, right, Julie-Andrews-Singin’-On-A-Mountain-Top-High.

I spotted this little number on the wall and snapped it up. It has all the things I love about Glam, really; shoulderpads to make the costume mistress on Dynasty bust a blood vessel, a collar that is both high and open, low waisted trousers that dip so low on one side you might just need directions how to get from Tab A to Slot B (Don’t worry dears, I have a map on my tongue), and curves painted on so tight around the backside you could bounce a quarter off that shading.  Throw in some lacy red and spruce it up with some nice flex work and ta-da, a sweet little number to go out with.  I must, with all honesty note, however, that the flexi-jacket tails don’t pass the pose test and do require some editting for some poses or they will stick out. Someday we’ll get flex sculpt. Yes yes, mesh, yadda yadda, but not everyone likes mesh- and honestly, the flexi just works for something like this.

I’m much preferring the long hair again these days now that I’ve found one that I like- but it didn’t show off the front so I snatched (mmnn, guffaw, yes) up the Magician Hat and Hair from Wasabi to go with it. Seemed to work quite well and give it that Not-Quite-Right-In-The-Head sort of Johnny Depp Wonka feel to the whole thing.

I think that’s where the Jack The Ripper Shadow work came into play in Photoshop.

Else its just almost 4am and I haven’t slept.

Naw. Couldn’t be that.

Toodles, girls.

Style Card:

Outfit: Glam Dammit – Dare Red

Hair/Hat: /wasabi Pills/ Magician Hair – Night Shadow (Comes with multi-color options for hat/band)

Glasses: primOptic Zadig

Necklace: Jomo – Necklace 08

Cuffs: Blitzed – Legacy and Chorus

Shoes: L&B (natch) – Urban Shoe

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