Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’m not your typical SL slut. Just because you have hot pixels does not mean I’m going to drop trow and send you to the moon. I most likely couldn’t even be bothered to lie back and think of England (God Bless The Queen… and pass the strawberries).

My online roleplay days go way back to college BBS systems and TinyMUSH. Probably before most of you whippersnappers were old enough to even understand the idea of typing one-handed while roleplaying, I’d perfected one foot on the desk, the other one pushing my chair back, and hoping to god the creak of the chair didn’t wake anyone in the house and ruin the moment.

And it was text based. None of this fancy, schmancy pixels and prim clothes and poseballs to show you everything. No, we walked uphill, both ways in the snow to READ and WRITE what we wanted to express. And we were damned good at it.

And if you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m going on about and what it has to do with SL Fashion or being an SL Slut. Trust me, I’ll get there in my own time.

I’m not, as I mentioned, your typical SL Slut. I require inspiration- intelligence- the cogent ability to string the English language together in such a way that I don’t have to try and figure out what you mean because grammar is on vacation. You could have created the most exquisite specimen of pixel flesh and if you whipped out “u r hawt lol, lets fuk” I’d beat you about the head and shoulders with an Oxford English and refuse to let your internet company turn your connection back on until you had proven your ability to use all of the consonants in the alphabet correctly.

Do I make typos? Do I use spellcheck. Yes. And though years of abuse in online forums have reduced me to the ocassional “lol”, dear god in heaven if I ever start speaking in txt shorthand, just find a typewriter and bash me over the head with it until I bleed glitter.

Sorry, where was I before I went off on a subreferenced tangent? Oh, right. SL Sluts.

Bottom line- I am one. A huge one. But most can’t afford me. Nor can they keep up with me. I’m the most demanding slut you’ll ever meet. If, that is, you can get my attention in the first place.

There aren’t that many places where guys can get outstanding calibur slutwear on SL. (See, I told you this would be an SL Fashion post eventually. Its all about patience.) There are a handful of places- Roosters, JOMO, K!NG- that specialize in Gym Queen Chic and if you combine it with items from other places, you can come up with quite the little saucy number here and there. But really, we’re looking at women’s clothes and trying to put together a collage that doesn’t make us look like tarts or worse, hookers. (Yes, sluts and hookers occupy different ideaological locations in my brain. Ask me some time, I’ll elaborate.)

Bottom line? I’m an SL Slut. I’m proud of it. I’m a Nancy Boy Bitch in boots. Now give me my leather and suck it. Give me Boots, or Give me Death!

Translation: Designers, please consider tarting up your masculine lines just a bit so that strapping young men like myself can show a little flesh and not look like footballers.



Style Card:

Hands: Shelly Laufer (Medium)

Shirt: K!NG – Half Shirt

Shorts: Roosters – Rowdys Dirty Boy Open Shorts

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sebastian Mesh – Night Shadow CIC – Audrey (Heavily editted down to just the fringe)

Piercings: Ears – Rozoregalia – Gemma – Earring 4

Nose Chain: No longer available in world

Mouth: LBB Tension     kOwP – Salvation

Necklaces: Gabriel – Achilleus Long     OMFG – Blanced Gear Pendant

Bracelets: Blitzed – Chorus and Legacy

Armlets:  No longer available in world

2 thoughts on “Operation Slutmachine

  1. Orlando Gascoigne says:


  2. And if you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m going on about and what it has to do with SL Fashion or being an SL Slut. Trust me, I’ll get there in my own time.

    Foreplay should never be rushed.

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