Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’m a boot whore.  Plain and simple. Short.. tall.. buckles.. laces.. the intoxicating smell of freshly oiled leather.. the sound as it cracks and wears in.. the feel of it hugging your calf as you walk. Watching a pretty boy spit and polish with his tongue til he can see is reflection.

Its a spiritual thing.

And L&B know exactly how to bring me to the temple.


And what is a wonderful thing to come home to after spending the evening in a Chinese restaurant in the Castro with a gaggle of Drag Nuns for a friend’s birthday?  Well, ok, its your partner shackled on his knees in a pair of skin-tight leather shorts, to be Frank.  But since Frank is too busy with his breedable cats at the moment (oh don’t get me started on you breedable addicts, that’s another night, another topic, another bottle of wine), a pair of bitchin’ Knee-high, skin-tight leather boots from L&B comes in a nice second place.  Yet again, Paul has lept beyond my expectations with his latest sculpted offering in the Biker series. Every detail is represented from the scuffed zipper-pulls to the delicately small fleur de lis on the sole. And speaking of the sole, merciful Zeus, he really went to town on the detailed work on a piece that most people won’t even see. Grooves, lines, detail to make any OCDer happier than a pig in rubber on Daddy’s credit card at Mr. S. (The previous link NSFW. Then again, neither am I. )

And all while I should be working on my Fashion For Life 2012 sim.  But what’s a boy to do when he’s given leather? Work? Bah!

Then again, I suppose I could just build in my boots and nothing else.

Styling Credits:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sebastian Mesh – Night Shadow       CIC – Audrey (Heavily editted down to just the fringe)

Glasses: primOptic – zadig

Piercings: Ears – Rozoregalia – Gemma – Earring 4

Nose Chain: No longer available in world

Mouth: LBB Tension     kOwP – Salvation

Necklaces: Gabriel – Achilleus Long     OMFG – Blanced Gear Pendant

Bracelets: Blitzed – Chorus and Legacy

Armlets: No longer available in world

Shirt: :.WoE.: – Lunden Plaid

Pants: L&B Buckled Biker

Belt: L&B Buckled Biker

Boots: L&B Biker Tall, Smooth Black

The boots come in two styles, Tall and boot-cut. Tuck in or let it hang out, the boots will work with both. (I’ve had dates like that….) Smooth Black, Distressed Black, Kevlar, Tan and Distressed Tan.

Bast & Pauls Studio, Evocative (107, 130, 24)

One thought on “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Boots

  1. Orlando Gascoigne says:

    Hey! I can stop any time!

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