Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy


It may be a little late for pick-the-winter-gift-giving-holiday-of-choice, but this delicious new offering from Mandala hit just the right spot to round out the end of last year and ring in the new. I’ve wanted, for a long time, a loose black tie to wear with various outfits as the mood struck but, alas, there have really not been that many good offerings out there. At least, none that suited my admittedly annoying nitpickyness. I’ve always got something around my neck- ever since I first logged in to SL, there’s been  a necklace, collars, leather bits, straps, or something around my throat. A bare throat is just something I don’t do.  Your bare throat I will enjoy to the fullest in ways that could curl the paint off the wall, but my own? Not so much. I like my silvers and leathers and strappy bits – around the neck is no different.

To be able to wear both a tie and a combination of silver necklaces that wind around it with precision is sublime. Two birds, one stone… dinner time.

The tie is menu-driven adjustable for size (Oh, if only last night’s date had been, I mean really…) and shape to fit in, under, around and wherever you may need it to be to work with your other clothing options. Also comes with a chest or spine option, male or female, all in the same unisex package.

Coupled with this dark green doozy from Gizza, one really can’t go wrong.

One thought on “Fa-la-la-Mandala

  1. Aryanna says:

    I’ve several pieces from Mandala and they are fantastic. Incredibly detailed and well done. My Mandala folder increases in size regularly.

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