Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

It is that time of year again where the sweater reigns supreme. That little nip in the air- not to be confused with the exposed ones, natch- that crisp scent of fall just before winter begins his rule. You know how it is. That first dip into the back of the closet where all of the winter clothes are stored. With me so far? Good.

Now, see, I live in California where fall is sort of.. well.. relative. It was in the upper 70’s last week, and not two weeks ago, we hit low 80’s. So “fall and winter” have completely different feels to them in these parts. So when we go in for the warm, comfy sweater- its usually Mid-July and August. You know the Twain quote. Its true.

So in my natural fashion, where its not really that cold yet, but damn I do love a good sweater, this latest offering from Gabriel not only struck my fancy but made it dance. A gift from my friend Eliza, I slapped this badboy on and I don’t think its coming off for awhile. Though you can certainly try your hardest, I won’t mind. In fact, I may even enjoy it.

Couple this with some slutwear and heavy boots, and you’ve got yourself a “its cold outside the club, but warm inside… ” look.

Speaking of looks, I’ve been asked by a few readers (GASP, oh my god, he has followers on this blog?!?) why my skin/eyes/shape don’t change. “Aren’t you doing fashion! Shouldn’t you be creating unique looks that garner applause and attention!” In a word? No. See, this is about men’s fashion (and eventually arty things and other stuff that I like) but its about men’s fashion… for me. These are the things I like and want to wear. I know here in SL I can be a brunette one day, a blonde the next, have long hair or short hair, and change up my eye color to suit my mood, but, well, I’m Nigel. This is me. The ocassional change here and there might happen but WHO I am doesn’t change. I suppose its frivolous of me to cling to such a real life (there, I said it) restriction, but in this one case, I rather enjoy making an outfit sing without losing who I am.

So if you want a Style Card of the Day where people change entirely who they are and you can’t tell its the same person from one picture to the next, there’s a million blogs out there where you will find it and find it beautifully done.

Me? I stick to me.

Tra la la

One thought on “Sweather

  1. Eliza Wierwight says:

    ~laughs~ not sure what I’m enjoying more, the N shaped eye candy or you telling people to stick it.
    Win/win !!! You rocked it.

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