Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

In the 80’s, there was this little very shortlived series on Cinemax called Timeslip. It featured John Taylor, of Duran Duran Fame, as “The Hacker”. Technology and geekery aside, he wasn’t hired for his acting skills, I can tell you that much. All he had to do was sit there and look pretty at the camera… albiet while sucking in his cheeks in a way that made his mouth look like the only thing missing from between his lips was a nice, thick… innuendo. (Sidenote: Until I find a TOS/Adult setting for the blog, I’m vaugely trying to avoid getting it shut down so.. keeping it mildly clean for the moment. IF its any consolation, I’m thinking it. And now you are too. So there.)

..I’m digressing again, aren’t I?

I hadn’t seen this particular piece of 80’s triviata treasure in at least a decade or more but when I put on this fabulous new shirt from House of Rfyre, my mind went to it immediately. Its the always rich, always lush, infinitely detailed texture work of Ms. Pennyfeather that just makes me blush. I wish I had half her talent for texture work.  She does patterned velvets and silks that are to die for and belong in any closet. And really, what goes better with an 80’s memory than skintight leather trousers with wrinkles in places you didn’t know you had places like this fabulous offering from Gothicatz.

Meow, baby. Meow.

Style Info:

Jacket: Rfyre & Egoisme Alliance – Black
Pants: Gothicatz – Carbon
Shoes: L&B – Urban Buckle Shoe
Sadistic Hacker – Guren ( White and Black versions)
Belt: L&B – Bronze
Jomo – Necklace 08

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