Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Once upon a time, in a nightlife far, far away, there was a LARP in San Francisco based on the World of Darkness Vampire system wherein the Prince of the City (see: head honcho, big cheese, and/or Big Bad) was a mincing little queen named Prince Shiny Pants. Not, naturally, to his face. Oh heavens no. Centuries old, verrah powerful, yadda yadda yadda, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. I assure you, however, the only thing that sparkled were his pants.

Being a self-acclaimed latex whore, I saw these fabulous pants by Karu Karu and I had to have them. Yea, they’re for women, so what. Like that little tidbit has ever stoped me before. I put them on and in one fell swoop was reminded of those old days spent outside in the cold with my fellow geeks LARPing and good ole Prince Shiny Pants. What that they leave nothing to the imagination anyway, a half-top by my currently favorite slut-wear designer, K!NG, seemed appropriate to add ontop of the ensemble.  Cap it with delicious stompy boots from L&B (Where else, I mean really…) and you have a seriously hot look that defies stereotypes.

This nancy boy will kick your ass if you touch his boots- though licking them is an option we can negotiate if your’e very good.

Style Card:

Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Saku (Oh my god, he changed his hair!)
I’m wearing the black and white versions together
Piercings: You know the drill, not availabe in world anymore
Gloves: .:Addict:. – Stringed Fishnet Armlets
SiniStyle Taped Fist (Full Palm – Forearm)
Shirt: K!NG – Half-Shirt
Pants: Karu Karu – Cora Pants (White)
Rings: Gemma – Ring & Nail
Ear + Earings: Rozoregalia Earring 4
Necklaces: OMFG – Balanced Gear Pendant
KR – Barbed Islands Necklace
Bracelets: Blitzed – Legacy Cuff and Chorus
Shoes: L&B – Laceup Platform

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