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I’m a creature of habit. Plain and simple. I like my routine. I am, generally, predictable. To those who think that predictable and routine are tantamount to boring, I say thee naaaaaaay. For you see, when I get something new or change something or do something out of the ordinary, it’s like Christmas for everyone. It is easy to surprise people when you’re usually just cruising comfortably in the middle lane

For me, rushing out the MOMENT I found out the SLink male body had been released was one of those passing lane moments. Get outta the way, pedal to the metal.

And I love it.

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Once in awhile, a creator comes along with something so insanely original you just have to step back and execute the best golf clap you can muster in appreciation for it.

The Festival of Sin opened today at noon.  Inside you’re going to find some absolutely wonderful examples of the Deadly Darlings imaginable from Hair (coughExilecough) and Props to Clothes and Accessories as always. It may be easy to overlook the Gachas in the event, but if you plan on skipping them, don’t.  Photographers especially- make sure you hit up the unKindness “Sin City Comic” Gacha.

Sin City Comic from unKindness

Sin City Comic from unKindness

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My mother’s side of the family is from a small town in Nebraska. I remember as a kid, when we would make the trek from California to visit every summer, we would drive past the County Drive-In out on the interstate before getting to town. When I got older, the cousins would all go to see whatever movie finally made it out there. The screen was falling down and the speakers hissed and popped like an old 78 record. I went back last year with my Mom and while the Marquee is still there and the wood fence is barely holding on, not much else remained except overgrown grass and rusted out cars.

Opening August 1st, The Gacha Garden will feature the Old America Gacha from UnKindness.  A lost drive-in from the middle of nowhere, this fantastic collection features 11 Commons, 3 Rares and 1 Seed of Inspiration.  The Seeds are the unique attribute of the Gacha Garden.  For more detailed information, I’ll refer you to their website.

Theatre Carport and Ticket Booth

Theatre Carport and Ticket Booth

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OMGacha is back for the July round.  Feeding on our need to be scared and our love of all things Zombie, 7mad;Ravens has put out these fantastic decor items.  Perfect for city or swamp alike, the cutouts and signs are highly detailed and are great for any kind of prop you may need.


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I’ve had the opportunity to blog for Ravenghost before as faithful stalkers can attest. Each release is packed with goodies not only for roleplayers but for photographers and decorators alike. This time, out for Shiny Shabby, Ravenghost has put out this exquisite table, chairs and wine set.


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Hair Fair Second Life

Hair Fair 2015 Photo Contest Poster

Starting on the 7th of June, through to the 28th, the Annual Hair Fair Photo Contest is on. The prize pool is enormous, so do not delay in creating wonderful pictures to enter.

Group Rules

By agreeing to these rules you give the Hair Fair 2015 committee the permission to use your photos in world, as well as on the website in a ‘winners’ capacity if they are chosen as such.

NO NUDITY or sexually explicit images, this is a contest for a charity event for children.

Hair must be the main focus of your picture entry

Contest starts 7th June Closes 28th June 2015

1. All pictures taken must feature hair created by one of the stores providing prizes for the contest only. The stores will be listed below and on our website. You MUST name the hair and the hairstore in the description section underneath your picture.


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I’ve far too long neglected doing actual blog posts these last few weeks.  I’ve been stupidly busy with the RL day job so have been just doing more creative Flickr blogging for the most part instead. Plus, if you believe views, the Flickr gets more than the blog!

I installed the new Firestorm Beta yesterday when I got back from my latest business trip and thought I’d do up a post about the new Snapshot interface. Kinda bust the cobwebs off my blogging fingers.
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