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As soon as I titled this blog post, dozens of songs started running through my head about dreams and nightmares. Lots of really good, creepy tracks. Which one gets stuck there? The one-hit wonder pop song from the 80’s, naturally. I swear to god, my brain is out to get me. 10 points if you can figure out which song.

Raw SL Photo - No Edits

Raw SL Photo – No Edits

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This is not a black and white world
To be alive
I say the colors must swirl
And I believe
That maybe today
We will all get to appreciate
The beauty of gray
Look into your eyes
No daylight
New day now
-Live, The Beauty of Gray

In or Out.
Gay or Straight.
Male or Female.

This is not a black and white world. There’s something in the water lately. Whatever it is, its picking people up and tossing them like ragdolls in a cyclone. It started in earnest a few days ago, though really it never stops when you live a rainbow life. Judgements flow like rivers of blood through social media, friends, family and extended groups of acquaintances. Conversations that always felt easy suddenly turn grim and begin with “So I think you should…” Worse is when the conversations stop all together after ending with, “You lied to me.”
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When you hear the knell of a requiem bell
Weird glows gleam where spirits dwell
Restless bones etherealize
Rise as spooks of every size
-Grim Grinning Ghosts

Blood and Guts and Veins in your teeth, the Halloween season on Second Life seems to revolve around two major themes. Your options are either to go cute and funny or as absolutely gore-riffic as you can get. The amazing items which can be found now that we’re fully immersed in a mesh world of creative geniuses is astounding. Hell, there are freebie mesh sheet-ghosts out there which are better than 90% of the old system costumes we used to make. Between mesh and the ability to layer multiple tattoo layers and attachments really does give us, the residents and shopping whores, ample opportunity to go crazy when putting together costumes.

Rawr. And Raw. No Photoshop.

Rawr. And Raw. No Photoshop.

I think out of all of the holidays, Halloween gets the best treatment in Second Life.

As it should be, dammit.
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With six colors for a jacket and a separate optional HUD to recolor the shirt in 10 colors, jacket lining and collar in 6 colors, you really need to stop what you’re doing and go grab the new Autumn Jacket from 7mad;Ravens. The jacket is also available (in the same package) without the shirt so you can wear it separate if you absolutely must. Available at the Halloween Fair as well as in the mainstore (Not an exclusive event), the jacket/t-shirt combo is available naaaow.
Available at The Fantasy Collective this month, The Forge has come out with these cloth sandals for both men and women which are just dreamy. Sure, they’re for roleplay, but I find they also work great with a pair of jeans for those of us who are trundling into fall and winter but still hanging onto the thought that it still might be warm out there.

Faithful stalkers will note I’ve not blogged in about, oh, two weeks or so. A few things happened. Work sent me out of town for a week and trying to catch up after that can be a bit of a monumental task.. especially when you consider that Warcraft also kinda dropped a major patch. I’m a junkie for the game, you see. Took several months off to avoid burning out before the next expansion (which, incidentally, drops in a few weeks so yes, I’ll be disappearing from blogging for a bit again as I grind my nose to the ground to level raiding characters…)

More importantly though, there’s this amazing guy I tend to spend all my time with when online. The hours melt away and time is always too short. Priorities have a way of shifting dramatically when you’re doe-eyed and dreamy. Especially when he takes a picture you sent him of your hair and surprises you one morning by giving it to you to wear, which he made specifically for you.

The hair is a dark black with diamond sparkling silver streaks.. unless you start playing with windlight and bring out the silver.

The hair is a dark black with diamond sparkling silver streaks.. unless you start playing with windlight and bring out the silver.

People think SL is just a game. For many, it certainly is. It’s a social platform with a realistic, visual interface at the core when you really break it down and think about it. But there are real friendships and relationships which, when allowed, can be some of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever enjoy the luxury of having.  You’ll meet people from around the world, realize the person you’ve been talking to for months is actually a friend you lost touch with years ago but ended up in the same social circle (Yes, Universe, I’m listening!) and once in awhile, if you’re very very lucky, you’ll crash into someone very special.

Oh I watch you there
through the window
And I stare at you
You wear nothing but you
wear it so well
tied up and twisted
the way I’d like to be
For you, for me, come crash
into me


Style Card:

Hair: Exile – Crash Into Me (Not currently available for sale)
Jacket/Shirt: 7mad;Ravens – Autumn Jacket
Jeans: L&B – S’wear Classic Jeans
Shoes: [The Forge] – Cloth Sandal (Available at The Fantasy Collective)

The Fantasy Collective is coming up on the 20th of October and items have started filtering into the blogger group. First up for me is this outfit from Yasum.

Last TFC, Yasum released some exquisite leather pants with a HUD to change textures of the various pieces of them including show/hide options. This time around, it’s an entire outfit consisting of the tank top, undershirt, jeans, skirt, suspenders and belt. Layers, layers, layers and more layers. I love it!
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As an avid body modification enthusiast in the real world, I was thrilled when I learned of the Body Modification fair brought to us in Second Life by Depraved Events. While I made a several purchases, I have to say I was a little disappointed that the piercing and tattoo offerings were rather limited by comparison to the rest of the fair. Lots of shoes for ladies, dozens of stores with nothing but slink nail appliers.. not things particularly striking what I call the body modification chord with me. A few pose stores which.. I still am trying to figure out what poses have to do with Body Modification.

And before you think, “Well sheesh, Nigel, are you just going to complain?” no, no I’m not. I am finally in possession of an item I’ve wanted in SL for the last eight years and finally have one that is just absolutely perfect. Which is where I’m starting today’s post.

Follow the pretty ribbons, win a prize

Follow the pretty ribbons, win a prize

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A little of this.. a little of that… a lot of shopping.. and oh my god my poor “To Be Blogged” folder looks like a bomb went off inside.

Before I dive headfirst into the All Mystic Realms Fair All The Time 24/7 cable channel of blogdom, I wanted to showcase a couple items that I’m just fantastically in love with from other events as well.

First, the harness. Pardon me while I spin around like Julie Andrews on a Mountain Top Happy. Long awaited from Amadeo Dubratt and the Ama. label. Available for October’s round of Romp, finally there is a simple mesh harness for men! Yes, before you go all ape on me that there are harnesses for men out there, I know that. There are some outstanding weapons harnesses which can be passed off for a lot of kinkster outfits, some very nice sculpted harnesses (My favorite is from HUNG) and there is a whole slew of harnesses that require hours of fiddling to get them to mostly fit unless you’re in wearing a L’uomo or similarly sized Gym Queen- except when you move to dance or pose or anything except stand perfectly still.
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Mystic Realms Fair is upon us! On October 10th, the fair will open to the public. Spread over two full sims, this is one of the best fairs I’ve had the privilege to attend early as a blogger. Not only is it a fabulous collection of designers and creators, but Voshie and her team have outdone themselves when it comes to the decor and the pathing.  From the landing point on either sim, it is extremely simple to walk the path and be secure in the knowledge that you didn’t miss anything. There are no dead ends, no crazy turns, just a simple path that makes the most of the space.

So step inside with me for just a tiny glance at some of the pretty you’ll find. Stay tuned in the next few days for more from FATEplay, []TRAP[] and god knows what else I can get my filthy little hands on.
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Some days the words flow like water. Some days it’s like the Serengeti.

Hair: Exile – Machinehead * (Out October 5th for The Men’s Department) (UNRIGGED for resize)
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Glasses: Role Optic Glasses – Ares I
Jacket + Sweater: [Deadwool] – Flying Jacket – Black

*  = Promo Copy

Damien Fate has gone on a rampage releasing an entire autumn line of items for men in one fell swoop.  Wallets beware, gentlemen, you’re going to want them all.

First off, I can not recommend the FATEpack for these items enough. I will say that right up front. You can purchase each of these items in one color if you want.. but if you’re going to drop Lindens on a high quality item this fall, you might as well get 16 colors. Yes, 16. Each of the items he’s released come in 16 different colors and/or colored patterns when you FATEpack them. In addition to the color options, all of the offerings in the FATE fall line (as well as most of FATE period) are materials ready. SPECIAL NOTE: The FATEpack HUD will be in your lower right hand corner. If all you see is the FATE logo, the HUD is minimized. Just click on the logo to maximize your HUD.

Please see each individual photo for which item it is in the fall catalog along with the pose. The stylecard at the bottom contains direct links to the marketplace for demos. All of these  are coupled with the FATEwear Faded Billy jeans.  All shots are 100% unedited save to crop them. All shots were done on my home sim, Sandalphon. The sim is available for photographers to use at their leisure, as an aside. Build is turned on. I’m in the middle of rebuilding but several sections are finished. :D /shameless plug off

Buckle up, kids, its a long one!

Robertson Sweater Pose: BeBo-Male-15

Robertson Sweater
Pose: BeBo-Male-15

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