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The Secret Affair for September starts September 15th. This month, Secret Affair is devoted to all things Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe. As a now Professionally Retired Goth(tm), my relationship with Mr. Poe has ranged from the melodramatic affectations of a vintage highschool goth to the pretentious victorian goth and all of my luced absinthe haze. Somewhere in there, I gained a real appreciation for his tortured talent.
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I’ve seen the hardest men fall
I’ve seen them crawl
secrets I know where no one can find them
behind the darkened door
I can feel what she wants me to be
I can see the movements she’ll make
I can see

-Fields of the Nephilim, Secrets



[hoorenbeek] – Mesh Outfit – Eldritch – Available at TMD – September
Hair - ARGRACE – Hikari – Blacks
Pose: HISPose – Emo Lean II

et finis.


How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve
There’s a rumor goin’ all round that u ain’t been gettin’ served
They say that u ain’t u know what
In baby who knows how long
It’s hard 4 me 2 say what’s right
When all I wanna do is wrong
-Prince, Gett Off
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…and I feel fine. Ok, more than fine, but that has nothing (well, ok a little bit) to do with Uber and shopping and all to do with a certain muscleboy who decided to steamroll over me with a freight train and asked me to partner with him in SL yesterday. So faithful stalkers will have to excuse my current Julie Andrews Singin’ On a Mountain Top high and how it is influencing my normal, sarcastic, and biting tone of voice.

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Sometimes you have to step back, slow down, and find a quiet place. A place where you can walk out on the front porch, inhale the scent of fresh cut grass and watch the sunrise. Where you lean back into your partner when s/he brings you your morning cup of coffee; the steam rising up around your face and waking you up. A home away from home.
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As my faithful stalkers will attest, I have an intimate relationship with Silly. I love silly. The only thing I love more than Silly is Damned Well Executed Silly. This is where Regi Yifu, owner of Regimade, shines like a beacon of insanity.

Regularly, Regi hands out these amazing freebies to those in his store group as well as those of us nutjobs who are glad to call him a friend. Today’s freebie, The TV Avatar, is one of his best yet.
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My faithful stalkers will attest that my devotion to sweaters that are slightly too big for me is absolute. The warmth you can only find when you’re curled up in that sweater that’s just a little too big. Since I’m not wearing much more than that, I’ve put the photo behind the cut today. It’s SFW, but maybe pg-13. What do I know.
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This month’s Men’s Department is a treasure trove of goodies. I haven’t been this pleased, or spent this much money, at a TMD in quite a while.  To borrow from the lovely blogs of both Egos Like Hairdos  and Bishy Style SL, I decided to write what was going on in my head to go with each photo. Sue me, I’ve been feeling the roleplay bug lately.

You should really go check out their blogs. Wonderful storytellers and photographers.

Bed from Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Chair from Kalospia @ TMD

Bed from Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 – Chair from Kalospia @ TMD

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It started because I wanted to check Exile and see if any of the other hair meant for ladies would fit for men. A lot of Kavar’s styles can be worn by both so I figure, what the hell, let’s go look.  Next thing I know, I’ve been all over the grid finding pieces of a whole new outfit here and there because, lets face it, I’m a shopping addict.

So lets start with the hair.

Just the hair, ma'am. Just the hair.

Just the hair, ma’am. Just the hair.

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“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder:
One of the four beasts saying: “Come and see.” And I saw.”
-Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around

The wind was cold and the tree branches rattled together like brittle bones. The moon was yet still low in the sky and his silhouette cut a threatening profile against the orb as it rose through the cloudless night. The scents of battle and death surrounded him as he climbed that lonely hill in search of his fallen brethren. It had been an exhausting journey. Just over the crest of one more hill. He would find them there, he was sure of it. Around one more bend in the road. He would find them grazing in a valley. Surely he was not alone. Surely they had not left him for the wild green pastures of Arcadia.

For they were the Quadumvirate of the Skye. The Four Plush Ponies of the Rumpopalypse. Their strength was in their friendship and camaraderie. Together they could take on the world.

Devil Horse

Devil Horse

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