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Welcome to another installment of the Evolution of SL Boots. Today, faithful stalkers, we’re going to look at a few pairs from 2010.

As I mentioned in 2009- err, the post regarding 2009 that is- I was living in the UK during this time and was off gallivanting for the most part. I didn’t spend a whoooole lot of time in SL so there were only 3 boots I could find that I even *bought* in 2010. A travesty, only finding so few.

On Plurk, there were comments about some huuuuge stores that I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention: Drakke and Aohoru. At one time I did own boots from both of these stores. After multiple search attempts, however, they seem to have either been deleted or gone poof in one of my inventory accidents. So while they will not make an appearance in my chronological History- I am thinking once I finish up I may do a Guest Boot post where I get folks to come over and rez me their favorite “Back in the Day” boots for me. Plus, that will be the only way we will get to see those early “sculpty feet” that you ladies got with your open-toed high heels.

That said, onward!

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Welcome back, faithful stalkers, as we move forward to 2009.

I think the question on everyone’s mind as sculpties were really taking over the grid was whether or not we could still even make things with regular prims. I mean, sure, we *could* but… did anyone want them? A lot of designers were feeling the pressure to learn this New Fangled Thing and somewhere in here was when we first started really seeing Designing Royalty(tm) being phased out of Second Life. So many creators just… left. Sales started dropping, main store locations that always had their own sims were downsizing and combining with other creators to share sims, some were going to the mainland, and many moved to the markeplace exclusively.

I, myself, moved from the US to the UK in 2009 so I wasn’t on SL all that much. As a result, I could only find 3 boots in my inventory from 2009. I had an entire continent to explore, dammit, I wasn’t on SL that much! :)

So with that, I give you 2009: The Resizer, The Sculpt, and The Photosourced Texture

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures

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Welcome to Part 3 of my History of SL : Evolution of Boots series.

2008, or The Year We Advanced ALL THE THINGS, was an amazing year for Second Life creators and designers and, by extension, we The Residents. By the same token, it was also the year the Designing Royalty(tm) of Second Life had a choice: Learn new technology or start to feel the weight of the speeding truck that would run them over by 2009.

Late 2007/early 2008 (It’s fuzzy because I’m going by what I have in my inventory, not necessarily The Very First) introduced us to more options than Just Boots. No, we started getting really nifty cool things as creators were really learning how to texture and create unique items. So lets kick off 2008 with another favorite pair that I wore into the ground: The Bad Boy Scout Boots.


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Welcome to Part Two of the History of SL Boots. Part One (2005 – 2006) can be found here.

2007 really became the Year of the Buckle. Where 2005 and 2006 were a little light on what I still had in my inventory, 2007 was full of possibilities. I decided to pull one from each quarter of the year to show the evolution throughout.

First up from spring of 2007, The KC Strap Boots.

Beware My Pointy Toe of Doom

Beware My Pointy Toe of Doom

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Pull up a chair, faithful stalkers, and join me as I start my History of Second Life series of posts. I decided based on a conversation with Vince (who, as an aside, I’ve also known since 2007 when he joined SL) to do a series of posts about creations in SL as told through the eyes of a self-professed boot whore.

As promised, I’m kickin’ off the mesh with this exquisite specimen from 2005. I present to you, the Beckenbauer.


The Beckenbauer

The Beckenbauer

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Being in Second Life since 2006, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the creators of our virtual world utilize the tools available to fill this empty world with Amazing Things and Stuff. From my day one in 2006, I was in awe at what we could buy to wear and as well as what we could put in our virtual homes. When we look back at those early days of system hair, clothes and even shoes, before we could attach prims to ourselves, we snicker and guffaw at how bad they look by today’s standards. At the time, though, it was the Shiz and or Nit.

Yes, boys and girls, there was a time when we could not attach prims to ourselves. Everything was slider-based system layer. I joined just on the tail end of system-only and sadly, I don’t have any pictures of that old system hair. But trust me, it was… mopperiffic. ETD was The Place To Go for Hair so I quickly had a mushroom cloud of white hair on my head. Even as these new fangled prim attachments could be utilized, many designers still put out system shoes and boots well into 2006 which basically consisted of a foot-shape and a texture on the socks layer to make it look like a shoe. Oh yea, it was hot. Continue Reading

Released at A Secret Affair, Ravenghost has put out this absolutely delightful Absinthe set. Copy and Mod, both the bench and Cabinet can accent any home absolutely beautifully regardless of your size requirements. The pieces are available individually as well as in a pack that includes everything.



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The Second Life inventory is a funny thing. At once a wealth of options as well as a bottomless pit of flotsam. It seems like it doesn’t matter how I organize it, I can NEVER find what I’m looking for when I want it. I may remember every aspect of the item- except the name or who made it. Without one of those two things, finding something in your inventory is like a demonic game of needle in a haystack.

The fun side of it is that when someone throws a “Cyberpunk” event.. all those items in your inventory that you thought you’d probably never get to use but you bought because you thought they were great finally get to see the light of day.


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Artisan Fantasy is probably my favorite of the newer designers to show up on my radar in the last year. Every single piece in the store features deep, rich, beautifully toned textures on top of exquisite mesh. This latest release is no exception.


Released in the mainstore (at a discount until Monday for Romp’s January – Monthly Edition), this 4 piece set is available both in PG and Adult versions. Additionally, it comes in two tones: a nice dark wood and a weathered look.

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There are few designers within SL to whom I would create an altar. Mr. Poet is one of them. He made a huge splash when sculpts were the Big Deal and I would visit the store at least once a month to look for more more more. And suddenly… nothing. My heart broke.

It is with great pleasure I found that he has returned to the world of creating- and creating in Mesh- to this month’s Men’s Department with the Military Drape Greatcoat Set. As with all creations from Mr. Poet, the outfit is layered so the shirt, vest, kerchief, jacket, and all of the attachments are individual so you can wear, mix and match at your leisure. Available in 5 color sets, 5 sizes, and all mix and matchable this return to creation is… ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing! Put more plainly: I love it.


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