The Rebuild and the Retreat

Creepers may have noticed I’ve been awol for awhile from my blog. As I mentioned in my catch-up post, I’ve been working and traveling and not really around these parts for much of the last month but September continues in the same vein. A blissfully fun vacation in Vegas with my partner followed by me putting my nose to the grindstone in rebuilding the sim to try and get it finished before, you guessed it, a week away for work this next week.

So just to prove I’m not dead, only busy, I took a little sneaky snapshot of the new sim build. I’m really stupidly pleased with how the sim is turning out. I still have to do a lot of final touches, decoration mostly, and some furniture bits here and there.

Hopefully when I get back from my latest work trip, I can finish it all up.

See you on the other side, Creepers.



The Anniversary of FATE

FATE is celebrating their One Year anniversary in Second Life! One year. That’s it. Damian Fate has accomplished more in his one year here in SL than most accomplish, oh, ever.  His designs have gone from great to Ermagherd. With two distinct labels under the same umbrella, FATEwear and FATEplay bring quality outfits and costumes to the clamoring public.

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Sneak Peak

Creepers and Stalkers Beware!

I’ve gotten a few questions as to why I seem to have dropped off the face of the blog but I assure you, I’m here. I decided, in a fit that is typical of me, to nuke my sim and rebuild it.  Nuking the sim was probably the most satisfying thing I’ve done in months on SL. I get that way. I finally finish something and open it and its only a few months before I can’t stand it and want to redo it. So, yea, that’s where I’ve been.

Old favorites will come back just in a different context. So don’t worry.

Having fun with mesh and rebuilding. Feeling revitalized.  I have a folder of items to blog from FATE, bastard and a host of others including the Arcade Gacha’s. I’m hoping to go blog nutty this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak at one of the sections.  I simply caveat it with… nothing is as simple as it appears.

Queue Melodramatic Cackle Here.



The Paper Boy

Strawberry’s Monday Meme talks about groups today. I’ve answered her five.. and added a sixth of my own. Because I’m just that much of a rebel pain in the ass. But hey, its my RL birthday, so I can do whatever I want today, right? (/end shameless plug here)

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Slutchic Fabulous

While I may seem like the every day model of a modern major Queen, that is only because my inner slutchic clothing addict rarely gets to strut his fabulousness. Between a general lack of available slutwear for men and my admittedly picky as hell taste in clothing, I don’t end up getting to peacock much.

Oh but today, yes, let the feathers fly.
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Embrace Silly

Have you ever found yourself shopping in Second Life and run across something so entirely goofy that you know it will look totally silly on you? You walked away from it and kept shopping but your mind kept going back to it. Every time you almost bought something else you paused and thought about that silly item. You were about to leave the shopping area but you wanted to go back one more time and just double check you didn’t miss anything. At least that’s what you’re telling yourself.
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Inventory Meme — With Bling!

I’m starting to get a complex about Strawberry’s timing of her meme’s. I think she’s got a hidden camera on my sim. Seriously! I was doing inventory maintenance on Sunday. Granted, I didn’t get far because SQUIRREL I ended up going out to a movie but still.. it was the subject of today’s login.

Image is below the cut today. I don’t personally think its NSFW but some might. So there you go.
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This is What I Want

For the last few days I’ve been rolling an idea around in my head for a place I wanted to hang out in Second Life. I haven’t been able to find it yet, doesn’t mean of course it doesn’t exist since SL is such a huge place, but so far, I haven’t found it. And those that I have spoken with have seen such a thing.
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