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I’ve far too long neglected doing actual blog posts these last few weeks.  I’ve been stupidly busy with the RL day job so have been just doing more creative Flickr blogging for the most part instead. Plus, if you believe views, the Flickr gets more than the blog!

I installed the new Firestorm Beta yesterday when I got back from my latest business trip and thought I’d do up a post about the new Snapshot interface. Kinda bust the cobwebs off my blogging fingers.
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I got a fever, come check it and see
There’s something burning and roiling in me
We may not last, but we’ll have fun til the end
C’mon baby, be my bad boyfriend
-Garbage, Bad Boyfriend

Yep, still in the I Fix Your Shit build from Jamie Cross and the latest release from the new label, unKindness. Available at the Luck of the Irish Gacha fair, this shanty build is the first in what will be a new series of releases for a whole shanty town coming from Jamie and unKindness. What I love about this building is that it is a proper patchwork of metal and wood and really sets a tone.

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Faithful stalkers will have noticed, as usual, that I have been absent a bit and doing mostly just photos on Flickr. Finding the time to blog lately has been a bit of a challenge, however, when some of my favorite designers put out new items I absolutely have to jump out with my pom poms and yell to the heavens at the pure awesomeness.

So let us talk about FATEstep.

Announcing: FATEstep - Mesh Footwear!
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Mad Pea has an all new full immersion game opening today at noon SLT: Buried.

I was lucky enough to receive one of the items from the many outstanding vendors participating in this new game and I absolutely love it.


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Faithful stalkers, have no fear, I will get back to blogging my History of SL Boots now that I am back in town after a business trip! However, upon my return my little blue boxes of joy turned up the latest coat (with shirt, vest and tie) from FATEwear! So slip up into the cozy chair and join me in exploring the comfort that is FATE.


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Welcome to another installment of the Evolution of SL Boots. Today, faithful stalkers, we’re going to look at a few pairs from 2010.

As I mentioned in 2009- err, the post regarding 2009 that is- I was living in the UK during this time and was off gallivanting for the most part. I didn’t spend a whoooole lot of time in SL so there were only 3 boots I could find that I even *bought* in 2010. A travesty, only finding so few.

On Plurk, there were comments about some huuuuge stores that I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention: Drakke and Aohoru. At one time I did own boots from both of these stores. After multiple search attempts, however, they seem to have either been deleted or gone poof in one of my inventory accidents. So while they will not make an appearance in my chronological History- I am thinking once I finish up I may do a Guest Boot post where I get folks to come over and rez me their favorite “Back in the Day” boots for me. Plus, that will be the only way we will get to see those early “sculpty feet” that you ladies got with your open-toed high heels.

That said, onward!

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Welcome back, faithful stalkers, as we move forward to 2009.

I think the question on everyone’s mind as sculpties were really taking over the grid was whether or not we could still even make things with regular prims. I mean, sure, we *could* but… did anyone want them? A lot of designers were feeling the pressure to learn this New Fangled Thing and somewhere in here was when we first started really seeing Designing Royalty(tm) being phased out of Second Life. So many creators just… left. Sales started dropping, main store locations that always had their own sims were downsizing and combining with other creators to share sims, some were going to the mainland, and many moved to the markeplace exclusively.

I, myself, moved from the US to the UK in 2009 so I wasn’t on SL all that much. As a result, I could only find 3 boots in my inventory from 2009. I had an entire continent to explore, dammit, I wasn’t on SL that much! :)

So with that, I give you 2009: The Resizer, The Sculpt, and The Photosourced Texture

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures

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