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FATEplay is at it again with an amazing Nuclear Collection of roleplay gear for all of your wasteland eternity needs. Each style is available for both men and women and available in multiple colors and options. Each option painstakingly detailed with the eye for shadow, wrinkle and materials that has become Signature for anything released by Damien Fate. Unlike many of the recent FATEplay sets, this one is completely mix and match instead of the ‘single attachment’ so you can wear the trousers, shirt, belt, or jacket independently or in any combination thereof.
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“Before applying to blog for us, you must have….”

Designers have specific desires before taking someone on as a blogger. It makes perfect sense to me. You want to make sure your designs are seen in the best possible light. You have to be picky. The sheer number of blogs alone that are out there can make it daunting at best to find the good ones. Applications must flood in every time a designer puts out a request for new bloggers. When Damien opened blog applications for his FATE line recently, I think he only had it up for about a day but it took him a full day to go through them. I can assume there must have been at least triple digits. And beside the sheer number of bloggers, there are the different types of bloggers to consider. I don’t just mean fashion vs. home and garden, but the individual blogging styles themselves.
There are four main types of photo bloggers and five main types of writers in Second Life. Before I go into what I see as those generalizations, I want to clarify: I do not believe any one or another is the right way or the wrong way. They each have their merits and will be liked and hated in equal measure by others. We are, after all, a judgmental breed.
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I don’t know if it’s because of the Romp event currently going on or it’s just that time of the month for the intarwebs, but everywhere I look people are creeping, arguing, blushing, and generally discussing sex. So let’s talk about sex, shall we?
Note: The photos behind the cut do not contain nudity, but I suppose they could still be construed as NSFW depending on your point of view. The language and topic most likely are regardless of your particular work place’s concept of the matter.
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Author’s Note: In keeping with the impromptu Exile Hair Fair theme I started with yesterday’s blog post, today’s blog is brought to you by Max Bomber, rock columnist for Metal Weekly: a fictional on-air radio personality.

Hey all you metalheads out there, Max Bomber here with the latest and greatest; the hottest slick wax you just can’t be without. Rippin’ up the charts around the world, the official US release on Hair Fair Records is July 12th. Titled “From Yesterday” by Kavar and The Exiles, this is one wicked track aimed at all you dudes out there but never fear, the heavy metal sex kittens  can slide on up on this bitch too and rock it just as hard.

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Author’s Note: Post to be read in the tacky tone of a romance novel. No Avatars Were Harmed in the creation of this semi-fictional representation of How I Made My Blog Photo. Yes, it is safe for work.  

The sun was dipping into the horizon as I sat at my computer; clicking away in Second Life absently shopping while my mind was drifting elsewhere. I was thinking about him again. The way his hair framed his face and how that square jaw was just so perfectly covered in his permanent five o’clock shadow. I was about to open another IM to him with something flirtatious that would leave us both tense when the little blue box of joy showed up on the other side of the screen.

The Exile blogger pack from Kavar for Hair Fair.
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I spend a lot of time outside of Second Life looking for items within it. Plurk, Flickr, and avatar blogs are the primary sources of how I find out about new items, sales, events, and generally figure out how I’m going to spend my precious Lindens. Rarely does the Marketplace sit at the top of my list, never mind in-world search.  Between the filters breaking everyone’s ratings and people not understanding how to categorize and tag their items, I just don’t have the patience for the Linden provided search mechanics.

Besides, how the hell would you search for half the stuff I like? I mean, other than ‘stuff that picky bastard Nigel likes’. Right?

In my Flickr wanderings yesterday during a meeting, I came across this image by Vitani Jun and thanks to the comments section, I was able to track down who made it and that it was still available for sale. Day of Days! With my trusty late-night shopping partner at my side, we purchased and perused the other items in the shop and I had scanned right over this particular helmet thinking I couldn’t pull off such a thing.

Phear My Silly!

Phear My Silly!

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Another round of We <3 Roleplay – July has opened this holiday weekend and despite some initial landmark issues, I managed to sneak in late last night after my house guests had toddled off to bed to get some items and snap a few photos.

Faithful stalkers will attest to my addiction to antlers and horns. It seems lately that there has been a new wave of horn and antler makers that have hit the scene which has cranked up the quality of these badboys tremendously. Materials and mesh have done wonders not only for clothing, accessories and buildings but the fantasy world is really where mesh and materials have made a significant splash. Gone are the days of being restricted to a torus horn.
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Do you ever have those days where you have so much to do, where your task list just seems to get longer and longer each day? Instead of crossing things off you seem to be adding them, one by one, until you have to turn the page and the things that were on the top of the list are now old and outdated?

Yea. Welcome to my “Want to Blog” folder.

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July is probably the busiest month in Second Life when it comes to events, shopping and as a result, blogging. I’ve got enough brand new items in my inventory just from OMGacha and July’s FaMESHed to last me a month of blog posts. So, naturally, I start it off with two completely unrelated items.

I’m just a different breed of cat.
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